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When your store needs changes, do it yourself or entrust it to our specialists.

The faster you react to the needs of the market, the more you earn. IdoSell gives you the opportunity to instantly change the look without interrupting the work of the online store the online store. Regardless of whether you work on the look of the store yourself, or commission it to professional graphic designers, the new look of the store is reached quickly and without risk.

Orders for the graphic department

If you do not know HTML and do not know what CSS is, do not worry. Contact our graphics department and give your ideas. Our employees will price, design and adjust the appearance of the store according to your requirements. The IdoSell graphic department remains at your disposal throughout the entire period of our cooperation. Find out more about the orders our graphic designers accept.

A professional team of IAI graphic designers will put your ideas into practice without risk and without interruption in the operation of an online store..

We are pleased to implement the store design you provided. We will also provide advice on how to improve your own design.


Time & Material

Intuitive template change and customization

The appearance of the online store is one of the most key elements to achieve high sales. At IdoSell, you have an intuitive and full-featured tool within which you can perform all operations related to the visual layer of the store. With its help, you can easily customize all aspects of the store template to suit your needs.

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Introduce changes in your store

Regardless of whether your online store has just been created or if you have been selling IdoSell for many years, you can make changes to the appearance of your store at any time, install new features, banners, auction templates or run promotional and marketing campaigns using the newsletter. A good practice is to refresh the appearance of the shop at least once every few years, so that it always looks attractive and raises the trust of new customers. Throughout the entire period of cooperation, we provide you with our experienced team of graphic designers. In addition, if you prefer to take care of the appearance of the store yourself, you can do it with easy-to-use tools to change the graphics and texts available in any IdoSell. See what you can do yourself

If you want to insert or edit text on the pages of your store, this module will definitely help you.

Use the Manage welcome pages function, which is used to manage input pages.

The Menu and descriptive subpages in template module is used to create a navigation tree visible on the online store's website.

Predefined color schemes for standard store templates and default graphic templates for e-mails and auctions

If you want to decide on the right color scheme for the currently used standard template in your store and its default templates, e-mails and auction templates along with the option of further free updates you can use a simple and intuitive mechanism of color schemes pages and message templates

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Selected examples of ready-to-set color schemes:

Introducing changes in graphic styles in the store's look on your own

We also provide you with a tool that allows you to independently edit CSS styles, graphic files used to build the shop template and texts sewn into the template (in all languages). You are therefore independent of our graphic designers and you can change the appearance of the store and add your own language versions without paying or waiting in the queue of orders.

The store look editor will allow you to change CSS styles and even completely change the graphic design of your online store. By changing CSS styles, you have control over the formatting of texts, the colors of elements used in the design of graphics, and the ability to change all texts "sewn" into the online store template (in all languages). This allows you to prepare a different version of your online store - for example for Christmas or any other season. You can also publish the color version of the online store in your second store or wholesale store.

If you are interested in introducing the new language version, please go to the website devoted to translation of shops.

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edycja template w smarty

Customization of the store template HTML code

If you are convinced that you want to take care of the appearance of online store the perfect solution for you. In order to take full advantage of the possibility of creating and editing the appearance of the store in HTML, we give you the option to edit it using Smarty templates.

Read more about customization of your online store
White Label White Label on dark background

IdoSell is a recognized brand on the e-commerce market. The graphic sign in the footer is recognizable among the customers of stores and all companies related to e-commerce. However, if you want to hide the IdoSell logo, you can activate the "White-Label" service.

Are you interested in a professional solution for online stores that we offer as part of the IdoSell service? Familiarize yourself with the current price list.

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