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IconInternet Content Format (ICF) allows for creating templates made from different shop elements in simple XML files, so they can be transferred between shops and panels or archive them for late use.


XML files in ICF format have coherent structure, despite they handle multiple kinds of elements:

  • Shop CMS pages.
  • Auction templates.
  • Banners i buttons (graphical, HTML etc.).
  • CPA Programs.
  • Snippets.
  • Templates of e-mails sent to customers.
  • Templates of SMS sent to customers.
  • ODT templates of documents printed from panel.
  • Shop welcome pages.
  • Information on order completion progress and payment status.
  • Navigation structure (TBA).

The picture below shows the preview of file in ICF format - e-mail sample:
Structure of sample ICF file

Structure of every file includes five main sections:

  • meta - contains name, description, element icon and information on language, in which the element was defined;
  • classification - stores information on type of element (i.e. if it is an e-mail or welcome page);
  • settings - determines element settings (settings available in the element edition mode in the Administration Panel);
  • contents - contains all contents of CDATA section and graphical files nested in a special way;
  • enclosures - stores graphical files coded in base64, that are nested in the "contents" section.

Import and export of elements in ICF format in the Administration Panel

The Administration Panel if fully prepared to handle import and export of elements in ICF format.
Options of import and export are available when editing indicated element. You can export templates of elements from one shop, to transfer them to another - with the same settings. You can also transfer elements from one Administration Panel to another without any limitations or restrictions.

Currently we are working on group import and export of elements in the ICF format.


Full specification of the ICF format and the XSD files are currently being prepared.