IdoSell Terms and Conditions

IdoSell offers clear rules. We ensure standardization of all processes which allows us to improve the quality of our services and strive for perfection.

Having ordered an online store, you will be asked in CSC to sign and generate the Contract Form, which is a written confirmation of the conclusion of the IdoSell contract. The current Terms and Conditions is an attachment to the contract:

Serving clients we rely on uniform Terms and Conditions for the provision and access to the IdoSell service. The size, wealth of the client, the time the contract was signed – these do not matter to us. Because we apply uniform rules for all clients, even those who have worked with us for several years and do not analyze competitor's offers on an ongoing basis or would have to incur huge investments in migration, pay the same. This is unusual, because many companies attract only new customers with an attractive offer. We care about the best conditions for both new and old customers. This arrangement builds trust and good relationships for years.

If you want to find out that our clients have used such conditions for several years, check the full archive of the Terms and Conditions:

In September 2021, the IdoPay Terms of Service was separated. Since then, it has been a separate document.

A teraz pomyśl, jak duży spokój dają Ci te wszystkie zasady. Dla bardziej wnikliwych klientów publikujemy dodatkowe informacje dotyczące rozliczeń:
Now, think of the peace of mind given to you by all these rules. For more insightful clients, we publish additional information on billing:

Check also detailed Price List of the IdoSell service