Integration with wholesalers

If you sale products which are not physically available in your warehouse, you will need the integration with a supplier, namely an online wholesale store. Thus, thanks to our solution you can import and synchronize stock levels, prices (including margin), descriptions, product photos etc. Your offer will always be up to date, as our system will detect changes and perform necessary update. What is more, thanks to our integration you can download information about an offer from any number of sources simultaneously.

Integration with any supplier and dropshipping

Every online store at IdoSell can use the integration with the supplier (wholesaler) in two directions. As part of the integration, the online store receives from the supplier the current product offer along with the availability, prices and descriptions. On the other hand, the online store has the option of sending orders to the supplier (wholesalers). At IdoSell we have ready solutions for integrating in both directions.

If the wholesale store and online store operate on IdoSell, the offer update and sending orders between them is done automatically.

1-way or 2-way solutions

As part of the integration of an online store with a supplier (wholesaler), offer along with availability, prices and descriptions can be updated in several ways:

Sending orders between the online store and the wholesale store can be done by:

If you would like to integrate with wholesalers, you can choose one of the following scenarios:

  1. You can create a program which will download an offer from wholesalers, analyze it and place it in your online store database. Writing such program is expensive and requires know-how, as the number of scenarios that has to be taken into consideration is huge, e.g. your program may overload the server in the sales peak and the customers will not be able to place orders.
  2. You can use a dedicated solution for a wholesaler which you cooperate with. Here you also have to take costs into consideration, as well as the fact that your shop will have some limited functionalities.
  3. You can use ready-to-use tools for import and update. However, in this scenario your shop constantly updates products leading to server overload and locked database. As a result, you have to limit the traffic, lead business activities on a smaller scale or take care of a great computing power which can be quite expensive. In this model, using advanced functionalities such as generating sales documents, delivery logistics control or WMS, while maintaining relatively low costs is impossible.

We are perfectly aware of the fact that the biggest companies, which can afford creating custom solutions and investing money in powerful servers, usually do not integrate with wholesalers, as they have their own warehouses. In such case, we propose a different solution which eliminates disadvantages of standard integration models. Thanks to IdoSell you can:

  1. Use one program offering many functionalities – you can configure the program so that it interprets any input files,
  2. Use your computer or a purchased server with Windows, on which wholesaler data will be downloaded and our system will quickly and effectively analyze changes by comparing them with the current database state and will send only changed information,
  3. We have the ability to constantly develop our shop engine and react to the needs of our customers. Thus, you do not have to change your program every time,
  4. We make use of many years of experience, built on thousands of active integrations which translate into more developed versions of integration system.

We can create any integration

IAI Downloader Logotype
Downloader constitutes the basic tool for creating integrations. You can download it and install it on your computer. We constantly optimize this program to make it easy to work with, yet initial configuration can seem quite complicated taking into account all its features, setting and frequent updates. Thus, we recommend our customers to use our help through which the can fully configure the integration. Advantages of such model:

  1. You have the ability to set any way of integration, without the need to create a custom solution. Our program can be configured in many ways or we can add missing functionalities. You can commission further changes anytime.
  2. You do not pay monthly fees - you pay for introducing certain changes once.
  3. You receive a turnkey integration.
  4. You pay for a yearly Downloader license and use it for integration with any number of data sources.
  5. If you need "xslt drivers" for processing data, you will receive a source code which can be modified and used many times.
  6. Xslt drivers are compatible with every following version of Downloader – all updates are included in the price – despite the fact that the system is constantly evolving, you do not have to pay additional costs.
  7. Creating a driver or import configuration can be performed at a lower cost, if you include them in the implementation requirements at the beginning of creating a new shop.

Contact us and ask for the offer for integration

How to integrate with a chosen supplier?

  1. Contact a chosen supplier and start the cooperation. It will require signing the agreement and sometimes a separate agreement for making the offer available.
  2. Contact us, attach XML file with the offer you would like to implement in your online shop in the ticket.
  3. We will analyze the file taking into account the integration and we will ask you for further arrangements.
  4. We will evaluate the amount of work of our specialists.
  5. We will offer you a ready-to-use solution, created especially for you, according to all arrangements.

Your supplier can help you to make the integration process easier

We make the standard data exchange specification IOF available for free. If your supplier can create such file, you can simply turn it on. Thus, it is worth to ask a supplier for the possibility of receiving the offer in such format.

Contact us and receive an offer for integration