online shop - turnkey implementation

Online shop - turnkey implementation

Ready-to-use shop delivered through a turnkey implementation is distinguished by a comprehensive approach and care of our specialists from the moment of placing the order to the moment of handing over the store in a ready-to-sell state.

Turnkey implementation does not differ in offered features and scope of works from the implementation where only individual works are commissioned to our specialists. The added value of the turnkey implementation is that all works are thought-out and well coordinated so as a result a fully functioning system is created, taking into account all the guidelines and needs of the client. Thus, a fully operational system was created, taking into account all the guidelines and needs of the client.

What do you get when ordering turnkey implementation?

  • Project Manager's care and supervision over the project and agreed deadlines
  • Researching your needs, collecting preferences, professional advice and pricing
  • Designing your store, according to your preferences and your business branch
  • Designing and customizing the appearance of any additional material, such as e-mails, auction templates, logo, advertising banners
  • Data import from previous systems or files (customer data, products, newsletter database)
  • Coding, installation and testing of your store
  • Configuration of navigation (menu), store behavior regarding products lists, the ordering process
  • Configuration of auction sites and Amazon Marketplace integrations, including transferring ongoing listings to the IdoSell
  • Configuration of contact details, couriers and payments
  • Implementation of integration with external websites and embedding scripts of external websites (e.g. Google Analytics, OmniConvert etc.)
  • Creating mobile application and any individual additional applications if necessary
  • Training from using a ready-to-use store, both from the moderation of the website and from order processing in the administration panel
  • Integration with ERP systems using ready-to-use applications or applications written individually.
online shops - turnkey implementation

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Check out the detailed list of what we can do for your store. During the implementation, we can plan and perform all types of works from our offer. We are also open to questions about activities that you do not find described on the site, and you would like to commission to our specialists.

The scope of work and the number of activities and topics we deal with are strictly dependent on the budget and the priorities you set. Not every turnkey implementation will include all of the works listed, but any turnkey implementation will be calculated and agreed in such a way as to meet your most important needs and allow you to start selling quickly.

Since in this model of work we have control over all key aspects of the implementation of your website, we are able to estimate the budget and the date of implementation of the store, which will be ready to use immediately after handing it to you. You can be sure that you will not forget about any important function or stage of work, because we will think about it for you, ask you about all decisions and smoothly implement desired features. You can still report any comments, hints and preferences about the shop, but it is not necessary to get a properly working store.

Do you need a comprehensive implementation?

Order turnkey implementation if:

  • You do not have the time or lack knowledge how to deal with all aspects related to launching your store
  • You are a beginner in online sales
  • You want to take advantage of the experience and expert knowledge of people involved in implementing stores for over 15 years
  • You want to be sure of getting a store capable of conducting effective sales and handling orders in a predictable time
  • You do not want to play the role of Project Manager and coordinate works distributed in parallel to many subcontractors and employees

Turnkey implementation is not for you if:

  • You have a very limited budget and you want to do as much work as you can yourself
  • You want to entrust some of your work to your employees or friends (e.g. when you prefer only a personal contact with the graphic designer and you like to lead their hand at work)

How much does a turnkey implementation cost?

Each turnkey implementation has its own individual needs and scope of work required to perform. Therefore, each implementation is priced individually. The valuation is done by estimating the time needed for all activities that we have to perform to implement your store. Then we settle them according to the hourly rate. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you only pay for the activities you need and that in the implementation plan we will take into account all the work necessary to launch sales. The final price and scope of work can be agreed with us before placing an order.

Our specialists will help you in estimating the budget and adjusting the scope of work.

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