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Full protocol support for integration with couriers and ISF brokers, for customs clearance

The latest version of ISF 2.1 (Internet Shipment Format 2.1) will give you full support for customs clearance and make it easier to ship abroad. What has changed? You can now transmit information about the goods in the shipment and the electronic VAT invoice to the courier API. This data is required for clearance at the couriers' customs agencies.

Details of the goods in the consignment

In order to determine the amount of duty, the customs agency needs detailed information on the goods that are in the consignment. In ISF 2.1, the following information can be provided:

  • CN/Taric code
  • country of origin
  • description in two languages
  • quantity of goods in the package
  • unit price including currency information
  • commodity weight

VAT invoice data

The VAT invoice is also a document required for customs clearance, so in ISF 2.1 we have added the possibility to transmit the invoice document electronically together with additional information:

  • VAT invoice document number
  • date of issue

If you generate invoices in IdoSell Shop, they will be automatically transmitted in ISF communication, as an electronic document (PDF). If you generate the invoices outside IdoSell Shop, you have the option to upload them manually from the order level, or upload them using API Admin Panel. It is crucial that the invoice document is already in the shop panel before the waybill is generated.

What is ISF ?

Internet Shipment Format (ISF) is used to exchange shipment information between any IdoSell shop and any courier, courier broker or freight company.

ISF has already been used for many successful integrations. At IdoSell we use it on a daily basis to create custom integrations with any courier in the world. We create Courier-ISF communication converters, which significantly increases the quality of individual extensions, does not require interference with the engine and means many times lower costs for the client. So we test this protocol ourselves on a daily basis.

Learn more about the open ISF format Learn about the ISF specification

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