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We have updated the matrix of CN codes so that VAT rates take account of the latest changes

We have updated the matrix of CN codes. These codes are used by our mechanism for determining the VAT rate when selling products to consumers with supplies to other EU countries.

As a reminder, the new VAT OSS system, which facilitates sales to consumers from other EU countries, has been with us for a year now. The facilitation consists of registering only with the Second Tax Office in Warsaw and delivering tax returns there, instead of keeping an eye on sales limits and registering in each of the member states to which we send goods.

On the same day we introduced the EU VAT mechanism, which makes it easier to sell in IdoSell shops. Our mechanism can automatically indicate the VAT rate for goods sold to any EU country.

If a CN (Combined Nomenclature) code is indicated on the product card, the mechanism will check our code matrix and try to match it. The matching can be within the whole code or the overarching groups, where we only have the first two or four digits given, and the rest is just a refinement of the specific product. Once matched, the specific VAT rate that is applicable in the country of supply will be applied.

What happens if I do not have a CN code or the proposed VAT rate is different than it should be?

If the rate after entering the CN code is different than it should be because our product belongs to a group with coexisting different rates, you can always use the special category and enter the correct rate there.

If no CN code is entered on the product card, our mechanism shall select the standard VAT rate of the country of delivery, as this is the safest solution. The mechanism of special categories described above can always be used here.

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