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We have improved the EU VAT mechanism for sales to companies without EU VAT

The mechanism for calculating VAT rates on deliveries to other EU countries has been updated. The change relates to its operation when selling to companies that do not have an active EU VAT/NIP number.

The EU VAT mechanism, introduced last year, selects the correct VAT rates for deliveries to other EU countries. If a CN code is specified on the product card, which is included in the list of VAT codes and rates on the European Commission website, potential reduced rates will be taken into consideration when determining the VAT rate.

The OSS mechanism is only used for sales to EU countries for private customers.

EU companies with an active EU VAT number benefit from the purchase of goods at a 0% rate (intra-community supply of goods).

Our change applies to EU companies that do not have an active EU VAT number. Such sales should be charged the VAT rate according to the country of sale as if it was a local sale. For a seller from Poland, these will be the rates applicable in Poland.

If you use the EU VAT mechanism, make sure that you have not added VAT rates for other EU countries in the control panel - Administration -> Payments and currencies - VAT rates. In this case, the shop, when selling to a company without EU VAT, will charge such rate as defined manually.

If you have never entered anything here, you only use the EU VAT mechanism, then you do not need to take any steps.

The changes will reach all shops within two weeks.

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