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The summary of changes in STANDARD templates and components for the Composer tool in January 2022

On January 27th we have released new versions of STANDARD templates and components for Composer tool containing a number of changes and improvements. We have simplified the way of informing about shipping and delivery times, enabled 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay and introduced native support for Instagram integration. Sold out products notification prompt and shopping lists have been rebuilt allowing you to quickly buy multiple items at once. STANDARD 3 v3 has received a major overhaul of filters, and the Composer tool has gained a suite of new gallery and HTML banner components.

Simplified shipping and delivery times information

Lead time is one of the key factors that can determine conversions in your shop, and with the full support of changes in presenting shipping time and delivery STANDARD masks will make you sell even more!

Simple and clear information about the estimated time of dispatch and an indication of the time by which an order should be placed in order for the parcel to be dispatched on the same day have been based on the time of receipt of the parcel by the courier who is able to collect it most quickly. Previously, the display showed the time when the warehouse was ready to send the package.

Both the information about the dispatch time and the expected delivery/collection date have been simplified, and the changes have covered the product card and the checkout order process (COP). The times displayed on the product card do not include the products in the basket.

Use the potential of 1-Click Express checkout with IdoPay

With 1-Click Express checkout your customers will complete the transaction without having to search for their payment card and enter their data. How is this even possible? 1-Click Express checkout uses Apple Pay and Google Pay digital wallets and is available to all IdoSell customers that have enabled their card payments with IdoPay. Upgrade your STANDARD mask to the latest revision and pay by one click directly from the product card.

Native support for Instagram integration

Social media is one of the very effective channels to reach your customers, and with the latest IdoSell integration you can promote your products on Instagram and directly in your online shop. Update the STANDARD mask and connect your store with Instagram to start displaying photos posted on your profile or photos with your chosen hashtags. The latest STANDARD masks have a grid component implemented by default on the homepage, which you can easily replace with a slider and embed in the desired location using the Composer tool.

New sold out products notification prompt

In order to keep the product card as readable as possible, we have reduced the number of displayed elements to the minimum. This time the changes concerned the sold out products notification prompt. The existing form and personal data processing consent have been closed in an intuitive "Notify me about the availability of the product" button, thanks to which the customer's attention is not distracted from important information about the viewed item.

Shopping lists allow you to quickly buy many items at once

Responding to our sellers' needs, we have extended the functionality of shopping lists in STANDARD masks by two key elements. The first of them is the ability to quickly add multiple items to the shopping cart at once. To use this functionality, switch to the list view. The change of the view will now be remembered, which will greatly facilitate cyclical placing of orders using shopping lists.

Brand new filters in STANDARD 3 v3

In order to make the STANDARD 3 v3 template fully compatible with the Composer tool, we have refactored the filters component on the products list. During the rebuilding process of the component, the user interface and user experience of the filters were also improved. The refreshed design not only emphasizes the individual character of the STANDARD 3 v3 template, but also significantly increases the intuitiveness and comfort of use. Redesigned list of goods displays the first row of filters by default, hiding other options under the "More filters" button.

Complaints have become even more convenient

Following a significant refresh of the product returns process, it is now time to redesign complaints. The new STANDARD masks introduce a clear presentation of the individual steps required to file a complaint, as well as a clearer and more intuitive complaint card. The entire process has been made consistent with the refreshed returns module.

New gallery components

We have prepared four most frequently used gallery components that you can easily use and customize in your own template composition with Composer at no additional charge. You can now choose a gallery with vertical scrolling thumbnails, a gallery with horizontal scrolling thumbnails, a gallery with horizontal scrolling thumbnails and a gallery displaying large photos in two columns.

New HTML banner components

New components have been prepared with a comfortable HTML banners creation in mind, thanks to which you can maintain proper readability of every element on all devices. From today, in Composer you can easily enrich your template with an HTML banner that fits the width of your online shop, an HTML banner displayed at the full width of the screen, or an HTML banner with navigation buttons in the form of tabs.

List of other template changes

  • We have supported featured parameters on the products list in STANDARD Decor v3.
  • We have improved size charts in the case of multivariant product groups in the mobile version.
  • We have made the information about product's availability in the stationary shop dependent on the configuration of warehouses.
  • We have improved files list in customer panel.
  • We have supported descriptions of order statuses, payments, complaints and returns.
  • We have improved support for Google Pay in 1-Click Express checkout.
  • We have redesigned the "Save by buying more" section in STANDARD Fashion v3 mobile version.
  • We have improved the list of parameters on the refreshed product card in STANDARD Fashion v3.
  • We have added information about sold out sizes in mobile version.
  • We have redesigned the recommendation zone number 4 on the product card.
  • We have improved the operation of the product list in STANDARD B2B v3.

How to take advantage of the new features?

If you use our STANDARD templates update them to the latest revisions to take advantage of the new solutions we have developed in recent weeks. If you use your own template built in the Composer tool, you will be able to update individual components and the whole composition in the coming week.

Legal notice

The above changes are part of the STANDARD templates, which are an industrial design registered in the patent office, owned by IAI Sp. z o.o. If you want to use the elements in your own projects, please contact us and obtain written consent or license. For more information, see "STANDARD registered industrial design".

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