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Connect your online shop with Instagram. Promote photos and activate your customers

With IdoSell's latest integration with Instagram, you can easily link your account and display the photos you post on social media. But that's not all. You can also show posts with unique hashtags that your customers add. Check out the details of IdoSell's latest integration with Instagram.

Social media and e-commerce are a combination that has huge potential. Take advantage of this and promote your products in a visually appealing Instagram widget. Display photos that you add on Instagram and share posts that your customers tag with a unique hashtag. The posts will display directly in your shop.

Display Instagram photos in your shop

You can display two types of content pulled from Instagram in your IdoSell shop. With a simple toggle, you decide which type of content you want to showcase in your shop.

  • Photos posted on your profile - all photos you add to your company's Instagram profile.
  • Photos with a selected hashtag - in this option, you can define up to four hashtags, based on which the photos downloaded to the shop will be selected. The widget will then display photos posted on Instagram (i.e. not only those you post yourself on your profile) with the selected hashtags, sorted in order from newest to oldest.

Warning. Instagram only allows you to download photos with a selected, unique hashtag 30 times every 7 days. If you want to add a new hashtag in your setup, you should think carefully about your decision. Each time you save a hashtag, data is downloaded from Instagram, thus reducing the available download limit.

Photo from Instagram visible in the shop

In order for the integration to work properly, a suitable component placed in the shop template is required. We have prepared two components that allow you to display photos from Instagram:

  • grid


  • slider


In the next update of the Standard templates, the grid component will be added in all templates on the homepage. However, you can already place the relevant components in the desired location. Both components are available in the Composer tool.

Meet Composer

Configuring the header

The header of the Instagram section visible in the shop, can change depending on the configuration.

  • If you are displaying photos added to your account, the shop will show the text "
  • If you are displaying photos with selected hashtags, the header " will appear.
  • You can choose static text, which you can change in the component translation in the Composer tool.

How to connect your account with Instagram?

To use the integration, go to the Marketing and Integrations / Instagram menu, then select the relevant shop from the drop-down menu. Under IdoSell mechanism, click on the button to add an Instagram account.

Next, log in to your Facebook account and select the Instagram Business account you want to integrate with your shop. Remember that the account you connect to the panel must be a professional account (i.e. a business account).

Tip from IdoSell. Before you decide to use the integration, prepare your company Facebook and Instagram accounts and link them together. The common element becomes the Facebook user who manages the Facebook page and the business account on Instagram. Once the account is correctly linked, the IdoSell Catalog app will be connected to Facebook and Instagram.