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Clean up your online shop. Update the template to the latest v3 version. Opt for a redesign with IdoSell!

The new generation of standard templates uses a modern version of the v3 code that is optimised for mobile first. Don't delay! Attract new customers and increase sales in your online shop by performing a redesign with IdoSell! Check out why it's important for your business.

Benefits of redesign

  • using V3 code optimized for mobile first. Smartphones have taken over the e-commerce market for good, as many as 80% of consumers use them only!
  • High scores in Google and Core Web Vitals (up to 99 points).
  • refined and modern design which is friendly for your customers
  • a better product card which increases your shop's conversion rate
  • simpler and shorter shop code (so the code works faster, scales and is easier to edit)
  • v3 version includes current security updates

Personalize your shop with IdoSell


All shops that are or will be using the new v3 code version also have access to the Composer tool. This is a new feature from IdoSell that helps you create the look of your online shops yourself.

What are the main advantages of Composer?

  • You will create an attractive look for your shop. E.g. with Composer tool you can keep the standard merchandise card, but create a different and unique merchandise list.
  • Create your own shop. You don't need to know programming or hire a specialist to change the look of individual components in your shop.
  • Save time and money. Take advantage of over two hundred free components. You don't have to outsource the work to a specialist - you decide the look of your online shop.

Learn Composer

Store redesign

If your shop was created before 2019 - it is very likely that you still have the previous version of the template in your shop, i.e. v2. How to check this? Get in touch with our specialists at IdoSell. They will provide you with the necessary information. If it turns out that your shop is still on v2, think about redesigning and switching to Standard v3. How to do it.

Why is shop design important?

UX, or user experience, is the overall impression that customers experience when they visit an online shop. Take into account your customers' needs and preferences, and guarantee an enjoyable and easy shopping experience. Additionally, increase the conversion rate on your website. Create with IdoSell a great user experience that will keep the customer in your e-store for longer. How to do it? Here are some tips.

  • First impression - is of the utmost importance. Whether a customer visits the homepage or the product card - in just the first few seconds they decide whether to stay or leave the shop.
  • Product card - is the most important page of your shop. It's where the customer decides whether to buy the goods. Increase your chances and ensure higher sales.
  • Homepage' - your shop's appearance is your business card. Remember to display your best sellers, current promotions and anything else you want to show off.
  • Shop navigation - good navigation means moving intuitively around the site and finding the product you are looking for quickly and effectively.
  • Search engine - is a key element of navigation. It should always be visible and positioned at the top of the page.
  • Shopping Cart - checkout is a very important aspect of any online shop. Baymard Institute's research shows that nearly 70 percent of visits to an e-commerce site do not result in a completed transaction, so it needs to be constantly updated and kept running smoothly.

Personalize your shop with IdoSell

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