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Why is shop design crucial for conversions? Take care of your online image

How an online shop looks and what first impressions customers have is of great importance for conversions. UX, or user experience, is the principle of designing a website so that it is as practical and intuitive as possible, easy to navigate and pleasant to browse. Which shops sell the most? Why is it important that the design of a shop is usable? Find out in the article below.

Your shop is your business card

How your shop looks very often affects sales. If your website is well-designed, the product search engine works correctly, there are no errors in the shop and its design is modern and pleasant - the customer is more likely to shop there and perhaps recommend it to friends.

Remember, however, that even if your shop is perfectly designed, without taking care of its content, you will not be successful. Take care of appropriate filtering and categories, encouraging descriptions and well-chosen product photos. Check what you can take care of yourself and read the advice from IdoSell.

  • Your shop must inspire customer confidence. Be sure to use RWD technology, which adjusts the appearance of the site to the browser window. This means that your shop will display your offers correctly on both the big screen and on mobile. It's also important that the payment methods you offer to your customers are secure and familiar, and that your website loads quickly. Remember to have a well-functioning customer service and display customer reviews and contact details prominently.
  • Take care with images. Product images should not have logos, watermarks or slogans. What counts is clarity and readability. Therefore, it is better if a photo of shoes in an online shop shows a specific product.
  • A well-optimised and appealing name influences the positioning and visibility of a product in a search engine. On the basis of the name alone, the customer often makes the decision to buy. How to create a good name? It should contain the most important information and features of the product and lead to the actual goods.
  • Create unique descriptions. You can show and explain in detail how the product works, to whom it is recommended and why it will be useful. The more original and unique the description, the better.

Which shops sell the most?

Those which have a well-designed user experience. Good UX means usability, intuitiveness and attractiveness of an online shop. It responds to customer needs and preferences while meeting business objectives. How to design an optimal online shop that will keep the customer on the website, for longer? Learn some tips from IdoSell.

  • The first impression is key. Whether a customer visits the homepage or the product card, within just a few seconds they are already deciding whether to stay in or leave the shop.
  • Make sure your homepage is your business card. Showcase your strongest points, such as bestsellers, current promotions and anything else you want to boast about.
  • Intuitive navigation and finding the product a customer is looking for quickly and efficiently are key to the user experience. Make sure the navigation in your shop is intuitive and works properly.
  • Product search should always be visible and located at the top of the page.
  • The shopping basket is a very important part of the shopping process in your online shop. Baymard Institute research shows that almost 70 percent of visits to an e-commerce site do not result in a completed transaction. How to prevent this? You will find the answers in our guide: Checkout in an online shop. How to build it well?

Why is the shop design important?

Modern and attractive design can make the recipient interested and make him/her buy in your shop. Equally important is a well-designed shopping path. It is largely responsible for whether the customer will make a purchase. Take care to build a positive customer experience and a positive first impression.

This principle applies both in-store and online - if the shop window does not present and advertise what's inside, the shelves are chaotic and the queue to the checkout is long - shopping will be frustrating and unpleasant. A well-designed UX will make shopping in your shop a pleasure. Customers will gladly return to such a place, even without an urgent shopping need.

Your shop, your rules

You can design the shop of your dreams with the Composer tool from IdoSell. Use the elements available in standard templates, change their composition (component layout, order, visibility) or replace them with others. Compose your own shop template without any programming knowledge and build a unique image of your brand.

Learn Composer

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