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The IdoPay service is constantly evolving. We add another novelty - Apple Pay. Give your customers even more options

At IdoSell, we work every day on new products that will make online shopping easier for your customers. We are also constantly developing the service IdoPay, the payment system built in all IdoSell stores and prepared by IAI, to make selling in online stores even faster and easier. Convenient shopping on smartphones is nowadays essential in every online store. That is why we decided to include Apple Pay in our payment portfolio.

Apple Pay - what is it?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system that can be used by owners of Apple devices, including iPhones, Apple Watch, Mac computers and iPads. Worldwide, 10 billion transactions were made with this application in the first quarter of 2019 alone. Apple Pay debuted in Poland on June 19, 2018 and is enjoying growing popularity. In IdoSell stores, easy buying with Apple Pay is automatically made available to all stores that have enabled card support through the built-in system IdoPay.

The two-step purchase process is even faster conversion in your store

By introducing Apple payments to the IdoPay service, we want to make the payment process as easy as possible.

From the moment your customer places an order to payment, it will only be two steps away. Click the button "Complete the purchase with Apple Pay" and confirm payment with your finger ("Touch ID") or with your face ("Face ID").

Simple isn't it?

The basic advantages Apple Pay focus on the security and convenience of paying. Users of Apple devices have many verification systems at their disposal, and another advantage is the fact that when paying, the payment card number is not sent, but its equivalent in the form of a token, what means that the customer can feel even more secure. In addition, Apple Pay is very intuitive and allows you to make instant payments with your phone almost anywhere. No logging into banks or entering card details. Thanks to this service, your store will reach wealthy customers who value convenience.

But it is not over yet. We are already working on Google Pay and preparing something special for IdoPay users.

We are constantly working on solutions so that you can maximize your sales, so our next step will be to implement IdoPay on the same terms as in the case of Apple Pay, also payments Google Pay. Thanks to this, we will provide support for the two most popular electronic wallets on mobile devices. And this is an introduction to another shopping solution that we would like to introduce in the coming months.

How to start Apple Pay in your store?

Today you can enable the payment option in your shop's panel Apple Pay.
We do everything so that you can focus on sales, so we take over all technical aspects for you.

  • You don't need to register with Apple as an Apple Pay seller - we'll do it for you
  • You do not have to look for a payment system that supports Apple Pay - the service is handled by the built-in payment system IdoPay
  • In the administration of the store's panel, in the payment profile, just make sure that the payment cards are handled by the IdoPay system - thanks to this, card payments from Apple Pay for Apple devices will be automatically running

If you already use the IdoPay system, both Apple Pay and Google Pay are already available in your store.

Apple Pay and Google Pay in individual templates

Regardless of whether you use your own or ours standard templates, both Apple Pay and Google Pay should work without any problems in your store, but if you haven't updated your store template for a long time, you may need to update your website template.

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