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Checkout 2.0 - Conversion that enables the fastest ways to place orders

Give your customers the opportunity to place orders in your online shop from IdoSell in the fastest way possible. See the special solution package we've put together as part of Checkout 2.0 to increase your conversions.

Checkout 2.0

What is Checkout 2.0 in IdoSell?

As part of Checkout 2.0, we have brought together two categories of solutions to make placing orders easier and faster, with the aim of increasing shopping conversions on e-commerce sites:

  • Express Checkout – presentation on the product sheet and in the shopping cart, before the ordering process starts, express checkout 1-Click solutions, which enable a quick log-in to the shop and making the purchase (e.g. using buttons like Buy now, Apple Pay (1-Click), Google Pay (1-Click) or PayPal Checkout).

  • One Step Checkout Proces - shortening the process of placing an order from the shopping cart, to one page only instead of the standard four steps.

Until now, the above solutions were available in standard templates and standard components, but only in shops using IdoPay payments. With Checkout 2.0, they become available in all IdoSell shops, regardless of the payment methods and payment operators used.

When you choose Checkout 2.0 and IdoPay, there is one fee - for Checkout 2.0 only. There are no additional fees for IdoPay payments.

What can you gain in Checkout 2.0?

  • Fast and convenient shopping with express checkout solutions, such as Buy now, Apple Pay (1-Click), Google Pay (1-Click) or PayPal Checkout, so that you do not have to open an account in every shop you want to make a purchase,

  • one-step order process, which optimises order placement to a single page,

  • jeszcze higher conversion, thanks to fast-track order completion methods,

  • a guarantee of ongoing development of express checkout solutions, which will be expanded to include other services in important markets

  • a guarantee of continuous optimisation of single-step ordering solutions - these are in a continuous process of research, analysis and development,

  • no transaction fees when IdoPay is selected.

Are there any additional charges for using Checkout 2.0?

The Checkout 2.0 service is charged according to the new IdoSell pricing.

Using IdoPay's built-in payment system, all shop transactions completed through IdoPay's Checkout 2.0 service will not be charged a payment fee. You will also only receive one billing invoice from IAI (formerly two - from IAI and IdoPayments).

Remember - when using Checkout 2.0 and IdoPay, you don't pay IdoPay transaction fees!

Conversion enabling the Checkout 2.0 service

We want as many IdoSell merchants as possible to benefit from additional opportunities to increase in-store conversions. To this end, we have prepared the possibility of indicating in which shops this service should be enabled from 01.10.2023.

By 30.09.2023 in your IdoSell panel in the Administration / Conversions section, make a decision on which online shops you want to launch the Checkout 2.0 service.

If you do not make a selection until 01.10.2023, we will start this service automatically (with the option to switch it off).

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