STANDARD – aesthetically pleasing and immediately available templates

All IdoSell implementations stand out thanks to their innovative solutions applied according to visual and functional trends. If you need to start running your shop immediately after opening it and you have a limited budget, you can configure the settings and enter data yourself, - choose the perfect quality available in the Standard package. These layouts are also used when designing custom shop templates to make the implementation cheaper and the implementation time shorter.

This way of opening an online shop is designed for clients who:

  • Employ their own webmasters, or already have shops or experience in using the IdoSell service – this is an important aspect.
  • Need to start running a shop immediately – few hours after payment allocation, the shop it is ready to be filled in with products and configured. You can delegate your domain and start selling.
  • Need a low-budget solution - For STANDARD layouts there is no additional charge on top of the activation fee, which can be waived for fixed term contracts.
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STANDARD layout as a basis

STANDARD layout is a ready-to-use solution for all shops, regardless of business type. You can also contract out introduction of small or big changes to the design of the STANDARD layout to us by what you receive a personalized mask. The cost of such changes is small as we do not need to create a layout anew. It is enough to just use STANDARD as a basis and re-design it according to your personal needs.

When designing individual masks we try to use as many elements of the thematic STANDARD templates as possible. As we offer high quality components already in our STANDARD solutions, you do not need to spend a lot for small personalization.

Find out more about STANDARD implementation process

Available language versions of STANDARD templates

If you sell internationally you do not need to worry about translation of your shop's mask. IdoSell provides you with STANDARD templates in three languages English, German and Polish.

Functions and elements available in every STANDARD IdoSell layout

Many functions available in our STANDARD layouts are missing in competitive services, or their implementation requires employing specialists what is connected with additional costs. Main functions and aspects of STANDARD layouts have been listed below:

Available STANDARD templates:

Different business types have different needs regarding the design and functionality of the store, we have prepared for you a few STANDARD templates to choose from. Each of the following templates can be used to build a personalized version of your store. Name of each template is symbolic. Just select a template that suits your needs the most and the layout that you find the best for your offer. In order to have a selected STANDARD template set in your shop, send a ticket to our Graphic Department providing the name of the selected template. STANDARD templates are made available without any additional charge.
Detailed description and photo gallery of each version can be found on:

STANDARD - a registered industrial design

IdoSell takes customer protection very seriously, for example by offering well prepared and specialistic graphic solutions which are copy-protected. If you choose a STANDARD template, you can be sure that you receive a unique solution, which can not be copied by other shops. It constitutes yet another crucial element of our comprehensive and professional business approach.

Industrial design should protect the design of a given product from being mistaken by customers for other, similar implementations. According to the legal definition, industrial design means „the appearance of the whole or part of a product resulting from such features as, in particular, lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation.” Obtaining the industrial design protection from the European Patent Office confirms the uniqueness of STANDARD templates. Now we can clearly communicate what kind of shops are designed by IdoSell. Copying our designs and misleading customers, will be a basis for taking legal measures.

We are aware that customers choosing IdoSell expect the highest quality solutions which will make them stand out on the market and have an advantage over other shops. Our goal is to be the best and to cater to the needs of our customers and thus, we offer our knowledge and experience. By protecting both our customers and ourselves from copying, we registered STANDARD as an industrial design, adding yet another security measure and confirmation of how unique our solutions are. We firmly believe that high-quality designs comprised of thoroughly tested UX solutions, experience and knowledge require protection, since they are as valuable as other IdoSell components.