IdoPay - Payment System built into the IdoSell

When you choose payment system for your store, you probably choose one of the brands you already know. It is important to be sure that the money that goes through the payment system will finally get to your account. The brand you know also increases the sense of security. These criteria usually narrow the list of companies to the leading 3-4. After sending inquiries, quoting the volume, average basket value, how much you sell abroad, you get a commission offer. It seems then that choosing only the cheapest offer makes the most sense. But should this only be considered? No, because online payments are part of the ordering process good UX, stability and no rejection of card transactions have a huge impact on the conversion. Otherwise, you will lose many valuable orders.

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Maximizing conversion rate

IdoSell is a system that maximizes sales also by maximizing conversions. That is why we recommend choosing a payment system that, in addition to trust, security and low rates, maximizes the conversion rate. IdoPay is such a system, and its is offered directly by IAI, the operator of the IdoSell and IdoBooking systems. IdoPay is created with the thought in mind and available only for IdoSell stores and IdoBooking reservations. Therefore, the sign-up process, operation, and billing are aimed at maximizing conversion.

We maximize the conversion thanks to payments through:

  1. Great UX of payment process. The customer, while paying with payment cards, is not directed to other websites and domains. The customer receives only information required by law and regulations. Our payment form is exactly as it should be: modern, simple and useful ... as well as multilingual and even adapts its colours to the colours of your online store.
    1. One-click mechanism for returning customers. Once provided, the card number is securely linked to the Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other accounts via the so-called IdoAccounts mechanism, so that when shopping yours or in another IdoSell store, its data are waiting for it. Returning customers will appreciate the opportunity to purchase the so-called one-click, without having to re-enter the card number or CVV, at the end only confirming by 3DSecure that they are actually buying. These mechanisms and others are already built into IdoPay and IdoSell and you don't have to do anything to use them.
    2. Truly international card payments. We remember that e-commerce is not just one country. In international trade payment card transactions dominate. Therefore, IdoPay could not miss the card payments offered by IAI directly. Each merchant operates on its own so-called MID (merchant ID), which has built-in multi-currency from the beginning. You can accept payments without additional contracts and other commission amounts, many times higher than for Poland, abroad, settled in EUR, PLN, GBP, USD, CZK. At the end of course, you can withdraw these amounts without conversion to accounts in these currencies.
    3. We use the IF ++ model, which does not cause rejection of some card transactions. The practice of offering a low, flat rate for card payments used in some countries like Poland, is because the costs of transactions is calculated on some assumptions how much will cost interchange and payment facilitation. In the same EU country the interchange rate is 0.3% for credit cards and 0.2% for debit cards, but only for consumer cards. In the case of the EU, however, for business cards the rate is 1.35-1.5%, and for cards from outside the EU may be even over 2%. Added to this is a transaction fee. The payment operator at a low flat rate is not interested in processing each payment, only the cheaper ones. Because at a flat rate of e.g. 1%, processing payments with EU business cards and any cards from outside the EU (e.g. UK, Ukraine) will no longer be profitable. As a result, such transactions can be blocked by operator of payment system. You lose your order even though you have spent money on advertising and its acquisition. You can read more about the IF++ fee model in the IdoPay Pricing.
    4. PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Highest Security. IAI has been operating continuously for 20 years. We are the leader of e-commerce platforms in Poland and we turn billions of Polish zlotys of clients from Poland and abroad. On a daily basis, we handle your transactions in the store, so you already trust us. In addition, we are a Payment Institution under the supervision of the Polish banking supervision authority KNF and we have the highest security certificate, i.e. PCI DSS Level 1. This certificate, issued every year by an authorized auditor, confirms that the security levels used by us are banking grade and we can store even raw numbers payment cards. It is thanks to this that we do not have to limit ourselves to creating our technical solutions. In addition, IAI is so-called Registered Payment Facilitator at Visa and Mastercard card organizations. We are not only a reseller who leads to the signing of a contract with yet another company that does not know you or does not understand the specifics of e-commerce.
    5. Simple contract signing and onboarding. IAI is a company with which you already cooperate in running an online store. IAI is responsible for your safety. So you don't have to prove to us that your site is secure. You don't even need to undergo additional verifications after exceeding 50000€ turnover on cards. You also don't have to prove that you have special security levels to be able to offer you one-click payment, on-site payment (recurring payment), e.g. recurring payments (e.g. when someone buys or pays again). All this means that in order to use IdoPay, all you need to do is make at least one payment from your company account to the IAI account, plus provide full electronic information required by law.

IdoPay is constantly improving

We want IdoPay to fully support you and your clients in automating all activities so that shopping is even faster and easier. That is why we are constantly developing mechanisms available in IdoPay. For example, we integrate it with item returns so that return payments to the buyer's account or card are made with one click or automatically after the return or complaint has been accepted. This mechanism is allready working for payment cards, and will be available in the next few months for PayByLinks, so you don't need to do anything other than wait to use it.

Also within a few months we will add super-convenient shopping on smartphones using Apple Pay and Google Pay. Thanks to these mechanisms, the buyer will provide data for shipping, logging in and payment completely securely and effortlessly. This user experience is closest to the idea of one-click mechanism. So we're going to implement them in IdoPay and IdoSell shops.

Immediate money transfer

Simplicity and non-invasiveness is implemented in every element. Therefore, all payments are immediately transferred to your bank account, by collective and automatic transfer, which may be done you even every week.

Attractive prices for large and starting stores

IdoPay is unique. We officially write what rates you get on start and that large sellers can negotiate prices. Having 2 billing models: standard and individual is not a taboo topic for us.

How to start accepting payments with IdoPay?

To use IdoPay, you need to:

  1. Register your company in the EU
  2. Fill out, if you haven't already done so while starting the store:
    1. IdoSell service contract for operating an online store
    2. Additional simple AML and KYC survey
  3. Make at least 1 bank transfer to the IAI bank account from the account to which you want to receive withdrawals. The account number can be found in CSC. If you have paid the invoice for the IdoSell service from this account, then your account is probably already verified.
  4. In order for us to start your card payments, prepare the store for sale. You must have terms and conditions. You can use default one, which every store receives from us for free and uploaded items. If you are just starting to sell, card payments can be activated a few days later than submission.
  5. In the Payment profile (Administration / Payment configuration), select IdoPay as the payment operator.

That's all. Payments should be made correctly and the money will be transferred to your bank account.

SuperFair.Shop ™ Award

This award is given only to the best online stores guaranteeing customers safe and efficient online shopping and after-sales service and helps to increase trust and sales in your online store. Remember that to meet one of the requirements, you must enable online payments with IdoPay, or another online payment system available.