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ISF - new, open integration standard for communication between couriers and IdoSell Shops

After extensive testing we are making available a new integration standard, based around the Internet Shipment Format. The format allows for detailed parcel descriptions and handles typical events related to online trade (e.g. orders and product returns). Thanks to this standard, our shops can be quickly and easily integrated with external services, further streamlining the order handling process.

As a software-as-a-service provider, we take full responsibility for the quality and performance of our services. In order to ensure platform stability, the core logic of our shops cannot be modified directly by external developers. Instead, we provide a number of interfaces and dedicated tools which allow for any kind of integration in a standardized fashion.

In addition to constantly improving our software and maintaining the essential functionality, we take extra effort to innovate and introduce features that help improve the existing processes related to online trade. We have created and maintain a number of open integration standards which we design together with both internal and external ecommerce experts. The Internet Shipment Format is a new addition to this collection.

In order to realize the ambitious ISF project, we worked together with a number of companies who provide order fulfillment and shipment services:

Example usage

There is a large number of companies acting as brokers of delivery services (i.e. offering custom prices for deliveries handled by couriers such as DPD, DHL, UPS, etc.). We cannot, realistically, create and maintain dedicated integration with each of them, which is why we created the ISF standard, which streamlines the process of integrating such services with our shops. This gives our clients a lot of freedom in choosing who handles delivery of their orders.

Each form of delivery defined in the administration panel (e.g. DHL Parcel) can be configured to be processed by:

  • direct integration (where available)
  • automatic ISF web service integration with an external broker
  • manual ISF file export to an external broker

Full integration with the IdoSell Shop Warehouse Management System

WMS is the heart of every professional online store. The ISF web service is closely integrated with the underlying system, so that order handling tasks such as shipping label printing are fully automated. This means that as long as an external courier service supports the ISF web service, label will be generated automatically in the background and will be printed on the relevant, IAI Printer connected device, for example after an order is packed and verified with IAI Scanner. is the first broker to fully support integration over ISF web services

Internet Shipment Format is already being used by the popular parcel delivery service - - the web service integration can be enabled with just a few mouse clicks. With ISF now available publicly, IdoSell Shops can be easily integrated with any delivery broker that supports the open standard.

Who benefits from the ISF standard?

  • delivery services brokers can integrate directly with online stores and target couriers
  • drop shipping wholesalers, order fulfillment companies can automatically process shipping requests
  • courier companies can take advantage of a stable and well structured integration environment
  • online stores can automate the shipment preparation and document generation processes

Learn more about the ISF standard

If you are a broker, consider implementing the ISF standard

ISF is an open standard, provided under the Creative Commons license which means you are free to utilize it in your own solutions. Implementing ISF support has the following advantages:

  • it lets you provide seamless delivery services to over 3500 online stores running on the IdoSell Shop platform
  • you are not reinventing the wheel, the format is clear and easily understood
  • you are future proofing your solutions, as our integration standards are used all over the ecommerce ecosystem

Find out more about the ISF technical specification