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Guidebook: Why your brand's Facebook profile is a must-have in an online store marketing strategy?

Increase sales using Facebook Places

Facebook Places, or Facebook geolocation, is yet another way of attracting customers to your brick-and-mortar stores. Facebook users often check in at various places to show their friends where they currently are and how they spend their time. If your traditional store is visible on Facebook Places, your customers can check in, tag their friends or add opinions. Thanks to that, they will create an effective recommendation system based on sharing opinions through the grapevine. Information about check-ins and opinions is always visible on the wall of the person writing the post, so all their friends will also see it. The more check-ins, the more points in the ranking. On this basis, Facebook algorithms maintain a database of the most popular places and your store can become a recommended spot in your location.

Enable Call to Action and sell directly on Facebook

Every fanpage offers the ability to embed Call To Action buttons. This solution is an easy way of encouraging your potential customers to visit your online store. The button is available in a visible place, right next to the popular “Like” button. After clicking on it, the user will be directed to a website of your choice. CTA buttons have their own statistics, so you can, e.g. easily check how many clicks were generated in the last 7 days.
IdoSell Shop lets you also run an online store directly on Facebook. Such solutions are called f-commerce and can visibly increase your chances of attracting new customers.

Be honest, consistent and meticulous

Managing a Facebook fanpage should be a must for every e-commerce manager. It is widely available, no matter if someone is a customer, a person looking for certain products or your business partner. Facebook comments should not be ignored. If customers ask questions, answer them. If customers make complaints, address them. For potential customers your fanpage can have a greater value than a simple website, as it serves as a platform for discussion. Recommendations are an effective sales machine – you just need to turn it on and properly take care of it.

Community means involvement

Facebook has an enormous marketing potential, offering many effective business solutions. All these tools come down to building involvement in your brand, what is crucial in creating the brand awareness.

A fanpage, together with your online store are a perfect combination. F-commerce generates sales and boosts interest in your products, while Call To Action generates traffic. You can also use advanced tools like Ads Manager.

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