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New WMS features: IAI Printer printouts ready right after the verification process, order verification available for more statuses on the product card

The Warehouse Management System (WMS), including a module enabling ((wms/order-verification, has just gained a new functionality of IAI Printer printouts available right after the verification process. It will significantly facilitate the process of completing documents necessary for orders, since they are available just when you need it – right before shipping the parcel.

What can I use IAI Printer for?

IAI Printer is an application enabling automatic printouts of labels and receipts on A4, label and receipt printers. IAI Printer installed on a computer, monitors orders for printouts from IAI Scanner, IAI POS, as well as the administration panel, and then sends them to a a proper printer.

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What is the shipment-order verification module?

The verification module is a web version of solutions, which previously were available through professional tools like IAI Scanner. The order verification process helps to make sure that a parcel is in compliance with the customer's order.

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Order verification + IAI Printer = immediate printouts in the packing zone (new)

We have combined the ability to check the order-shipment compliance with IAI Printer, creating a comprehensive tool facilitating the process of preparing orders for shipment. From now on, printouts are simply printed from printers just when you need it, right before the shipment.

A sample workflow of using the synergy of such tools can look as follows:

  • warehouseman (order-picker) completes the order by picking products from set warehouse locations
  • after completing the order, it is verified, where a system of generating printouts automatically generates necessary documents (e.g. invoices, courier labels)
  • after a correct, complete verification, IAI Printer printout request is generated and the system pushes printouts for printers
  • a person verifying orders picks up the documents from the printer, checks whether they have all the necessary documents, puts them into the parcel, seals it and sends it to the customer

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Notice: to use fast printouts in the packing zone, IAI Printer version 3.6 or newer is required.

Order verification available on the product card (new)

Previously, order verification was available only for orders with „the packed” status. It was a solution dedicated to large warehouses with a separate verification point. Such a solution supports the consistency of work, namely after the verification, you can automatically go to another order verification.

Listening carefully to our customers, we focused on making this tool more open and available for smaller warehouses, enabling the verification process for all unfinished statuses. Now, a person completing the order can use the Order Card – it can be verified right after the completion. For such a scenario we prepared a Verify order link, visible in the top menu on the product card.