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Changing variants of each bundle/collection component is now possible

From now on you can change variants of each bundle or collection component, regardless of the order source or the way variants were created. It constitutes a great facilitation for people selling products in particular variants or through listings.

If a bundle / collection component is added to a bundle through one of the options below, a customer will not be able to choose a bundle component variant:

Similar situation happens in marketplaces, e.g. if your customer purchases a T-shirt and writes a comment determining the right size and color.

Due to such situations, the order card now includes the ability to perform a short and simple variant change of each bundle / collection component, as well as selecting the component size. Thanks to that you do not have to remove components from the order and add them in a different size, or variant.

You just have to click change next to a bundle/collection component on the order card:

A list of variants with sizes will be displayed – a given bundle / collection component can be changed to one of variants from the list: