26 August 2016

The administration panel API now includes 2 new endpoints - API-Bundles and API-Collections - created to facilitate the use of product bundles, and collections

Two new endpoints, API-Bundles and API-Collections, are now available in the administration panel API 2.0. Thanks to that, you can create new product bundles and collections, indicate their components, set quantities or remove particular components.

Previously, creating and managing bundles or components was possible only through the administration panel, what could be incovenient in case of a big product base, especially for developers supporting wholesale stores and online shops. Bearing this in mind, our specialists prepared dedicated API-Bundles and API-Collections endpoints, which include methods facilitating the process of creating and managing product bundles and collections.


API-Bundles is used for managing bundles, including the following methods:

  • createBundle – createBundle method enables creating a new bundle product and assigning existing products as bundle components
  • addProductsToBundle - addProductsToBundle method enables adding components to bundles existing in the administration panel
  • setProductsQuantityInBundle - setProductsQuantityInBundle method enables indicating the quantity of a given bundle component
  • removeProductsFromBundle - removeProductsFromBundle method enables removing an indicated bundle component


API-Collections is used for managing collections, including the following methods:

  • createCollection - createCollection method enables creating a new product of a collection type and assign existing products as collection elements
  • addProductsToCollection - addProductsToCollection method enables adding components to existing collections
  • setProductsQuantityInCollection - setProductsQuantityInCollection method enables indicating the quantity in which a given component is sold in a collection
  • removeProductsFromCollection - removeProductsFromCollection method enables removing an indicated product from a collection

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