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We will automatically transfer all IdoPay payments in collective transfers to your account

Until now, each of the pay-by-link and BLIK payments from IdoPay has been transferred directly to your bank account, while card payments have recently been sent in collective, automatic transfers. From November 4, we are standardizing the method of withdrawals so that all payments are transferred in the same way, i.e. no more than once a week, they can be collected collectively on your account.

We have recently introduced the IdoPay automatic withdrawal mechanism. By default, the funds go to a verified bank account every month, with the possibility of receiving them every two weeks or every week after changing to the CSC. The funds are withdrawn after exceeding the threshold of PLN 500 or EUR 500 of the accumulated funds. This mechanism provides a continuous inflow of funds to your account, as well as the functionality of sending funds directly to the account available for pay-by-link and BLIK payments.

Due to the fact that maintaining two mechanisms for different forms of payment reduces the transparency of our system and limits its development possibilities, e.g. in terms of introducing cashbacks for all forms of payment, we have decided to introduce a standardized method of payments. Now all funds will be collected in Payments (formerly the CSC balance) and paid periodically - of course, they can still be withdrawn on request.

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