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New editor (WYSIWYG) available for content for CMS pages, blog posts, news and email newsletters

We added a new version of the editor editor (WYSIWYG), which you already know from Allegro integration module. The new editor is built with completely new logic. Instead of being an HTML editor and adding styles, which makes it difficult or impossible, for example, to obtain full responsiveness, the new editor is based on blocks of text, graphics, movies or mixed - which generates the appropriate HTML code, styling it so that the page reads even better in different resolutions . The user does not have to worry about the appropriate use of colors, styles, etc. Just select them from the list, which will ensure full compliance with the store template.

You can use the new editor in the following modules:

  • own subpages (CMS)
  • blog entries
  • news entries
  • editing content for e-mail newsletters

Backward compatibility

The change is backwards compatible, which means that your existing descriptions do not require any interference, and their editing will be done by default using the new editor. If your store's template does not yet support the content created with the new WYSIWYG editor, we took care of converting the section to HTML, which we display in the template in the old way.

Note: If you have already created content using the new editor, its editing with the "old" editor will not be possible, and the content created with the new editor will have priority in displaying in the store.

When editing the content with the new editor, we leave the existing content in the old editor, to which you can return and edit. However, in order for it to be displayed on the store or used in sent transactional e-mail messages, you must first remove all sections from the content in the new editor.

Further plans

Ultimately, by the end of 2020, we plan to replace the current editor with a new WYSIWYG editor in all places in the IdoSell panel. Until then, in the places where we introduced the new editor, the old editor is still available next to it - however, it has already been marked as "being withdrawn". This installation is therefore in a pilot-phase and we are very curious about your opinions.

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