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Funds from IdoPay and IdoSell Broker will be automatically transferred to your account

Until now, payments from accepted IdoPay payments and IdoSell Broker COD orders have been transferred to the balance of payments or, in the case of some IdoPay payment methods, directly to your account. Now, all payments and funds from COD orders will be always paid to your account.

We are introducing for all our clients the mechanism of automatic withdrawals from IdoPay payments and IdoSell Broker COD orders, which by default will go to a verified bank account every month. If you want to receive funds more often, you can change it in CSC.

Thanks to this, there will never be a situation where funds will be accumulated on your payment balance and you will not have to remember to withdraw them regularly. To make the withdrawal process as service-free as possible for you, the funds will still be allocated first to settlements with IdoSell, pending cashbacks and chargebacks. At the moment, we also still leave the mode of withdrawals directly to the account available for some IdoPay payment methods, while in the coming months we will be resigning from it, because now automatic withdrawals perform the same functionality.

If you do not use the IdoPay payment system and IdoSell Broker courier services yet, you can turn them on at any time with one click, without signing a contract an additional contract. In addition to attractive payment and shipping fees, now both services are even more unbeatable thanks to automatic withdrawals of accumulated funds.

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