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The new Product Recommendation module aggregates all the recommendation options in one place and gives access to new, free, smart recommendations

We present a new module of Product Recommendations, thanks to which you will be able to manage all the recommendations in your store in one place in the panel. We have collected the options dispersed elsewhere in it. We have also added available from August 1 without additional fees, intelligent recommendations and the ability to enable them yourself. It is a huge change,
because no one before has ever offered intelligent recommendations on such a large scale, which over the years have been facilitated so that they are able not only to replace a person in setting recommendations, but increase order values significantly provided good product descriptions are ensured.

So far, product recommendations could be set in various tools located in MODERATION / Shop behavior management section, as part of the settings for individual subpages. We have moved the management of product recommendations embedded on individual subpages to one module PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS, thanks to which managing the recommendations offer in your store will be easier and more convenient.

Why is it worth to consider using product recommendations?

Recommendations allow you to improve conversions. Sometimes someone is looking for something in e.g. Google search engine, or enters store through Google Shopping, comes across one item hoping that in this way they will find something perfect. Lack of recommendation increases the chance of abandoning the search. Good recommendations will allow you to quickly reach what will catch the consumer's attention and lead to sales. Of course, not always, but as a pioneer in the field of intelligent product recommendations, we know that the final effect of turnover growth can be from a few to even 25% better with recommendations.

So far, recommendations based on product similarity, have been available as part of an additionally charged service (the intelligent recommendation system - IAI RS). However, we have always dreamed of making these tools possible to be implemented automatically and independently by customers, thanks to which we will increase revenues for as many stores as possible. If you have a dedicated server (namely monthly fee DEDICATED CLOUD then from now on you can include intelligent recommendations based on product similarity in selected recommendation zones (previously called "hotspots") without additional charges.

Of course, for high-traffic stores that enable learning customer behavior, we will be able to implement the system of intelligent recommendations - Smart recommendations generated on the basis of customer behavior in the coming weeks. This solution will still be charged for, although in this case we are closing the negotiation of rates. An online store can choose whether to settle through a percentage rate or a new option - flat fee. Interestingly, flat and commission rates can be chosen interchangeably.

If you have previously used IAI RS

  • If you have previously used IAI RS as an additionally charged version, you do not have to do anything. On August 1, we will check which algorithms you use. If you have a DEDICATED CLOUD plan and use only the algorithms of product similarities, the change will be such that from now on you will not pay anything for the recommendation system. In addition, we will soon provide statistics to monitor the effects of intelligent recommendations based on product similarity.
  • If you use algorithms based on customer behavior and your commission rate was higher than 2% for stores with so-called "high traffic" or 4% for stores with so-called "medium traffic", the rate will be automatically reduced. If your commission rate was lower than the current rates of 2% or 4% you will be able to check what "flat fee" you can choose and if you find that they are more interesting for you, change billing method independently in the new recommendation management module.