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Important changes have been made to Google Maps, which may negatively affect the operation of the store

New version of Google Maps

Google API keys were not required from the beginning of integration with Google Maps. Already a year ago, Google started to enforce API call limits more and more restrictively and for larger stores we introduced the optional possibility of providing our own development key, which, after paying a small fee, allowed for unlimited number of views. Unfortunately, there have been quite large changes in the Google Maps service recently. The service has been improved and now offers more options. For our customers, however, the change is a new tariff plan in which Google Maps Platform reduced the limits of free map views.
The current free limit of 750 thousands of queries changes to 28 thousands monthly (almost 30 times less), and the current $0.5 for paid use is changing into $7 (14 times more), $5.60 for more page views.

What do you need to do to continue using Google Maps services?

Since many customers have started to notice the problem with displaying Google maps, resulting from the fact that handling their own key was not possible or did not work properly, after careful analysis of individual cases we managed to determine that most problems occur with the map API configuration, and first of all you should look for solutions (e. g. not connected domain under API Key, whole project deleted, the project requiring authorization, no active Geocoding service) - errors can be checked in the browser's development console. We were able to upload an additional "patch" for old templates, working in JavaScript, which will not block the possibility of placing an order when Google Maps is not working properly.

However, you need to be aware that for the service to work properly, you need a valid API key and Google Cloud Platform billing account, which we discuss in detail in Details and FAQs on integration with Google Maps.

Smaller online stores should not have problems with getting into the free tariff plan, but it does not change the fact that a billing account and adding a credit card to it is necessary.

Advice for clients

For clients with STANDARD templates, we suggest updating to the latest revisions in the first place, then updating the API key to the current one.

For clients with custom templates in case of problems after updating the API Key, we suggest contacting the Graphic department and we promise that such cases will be improved by us immediately.