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Orders from Amazon can be automatically submitted to a wholesale store that supports dropshipping

At IdoSell Shop, we focus on automating repetitive tasks so that the work is as simple and quick as possible. From now on paid order from Amazon can be automatically submitted to the wholesale store.
Your work will be reduced to acquiring clients and marketing, and all logistics operations for such orders are taken over by the online wholesale store.

If you want Amazon orders to be automatically transferred to a wholesale store supporting dropshipping , you should first allow such orders to be processed by a supplier warehouse and allow exports from this warehouse to Amazon Marketplace. To set the configuration properly, go to ADMINISTRATION /Configuration of stocks and stock management, and then select "edit" at warehouse M0.

After setting the Products from this stock can be exported to Amazon Marketplace option to "yes", Amazon orders will be handled at warehouse M0 by default.

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If you want your clients' orders to be automatically delivered to the wholesale store, enable Dropshipping order handling automation - then you will not have to do anything to handle such orders. You can enable it in ADMINISTRATION/Processes automation/Dropshipping order handling automation.

After placing and paying for the order by the customer on Amazon, the order will be forwarded to the wholesale store.
Your work ends here. The package is sent to the customer by the wholesale store, and the order status and shipment number is updated in the administration panel.

If your store does not yet use sales in the dropshipping model - check how to quickly and efficiently run it in the IdoSell Shop.

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