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You can now prepare feeds (files) with an online shop offer - feeds can have any structure and any content

It is yet another new feature of IdoSell Shop being Open System as a Service, as we enable introducing file modification with a full product offer, without the need to modify IdoSell Shop source code. Thanks to this functionality you can prepare an XML file including your shop offer (Products Feed) according to requirements of, e.g. a new price comparison service you want to integrate with. From now on, if there is no ready-to-use integration, you can create it yourself, upload an XSLT operation to a price comparison service or commission it to our specialists.

New tool enables generating files for a given partner in an IOF format by using all mechanisms used in IdoSell Shop, namely conversion analytics and sources of visits or protection from unauthorised use of a given link. If you require a structure different than a default one (based on IOF format), you can decide about the XML structure of a generated file while using XSLT functionalities.

What does XSLT functionality offer?

Let's assume you want to integrate with a service which requires data in an offer file, e.g. information about product state described with a certain parameter (e.g.Pcondition). Now you can easily adjust the arrangement and the content of a file. You can also indicate that a product parameter in the IdoSell Shop panel instead of product condition is to be named Pcondition and in the end, in the final export file product condition will be described as Pcondition.

How XSLT operation should be prepared?

XSLT operation, adjusting a full offer to requirements of e.g. a given price comparison service, can be prepared in a number of ways:

As you can see, we give you a free hand.

All necessary information, together with a sample use of a XSLT, can be found on our website: Perform integration yourself thanks to the ability to prepare any offer file format by using XSLT operations.

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Please bear in mind that this module is still being developed and enriched with new features and abilities (e.g. generating files more than once a day). However, prepared XSLT operations can be still used in the future or we will modify them together with the update of module code.

Some time ago we also presented a set of new variables which enable you to perform integration with e.g. remarketing program yourself: We added a number of new dynamic variables which can be found in e-mail templates, printed documents, CPA programs, META tags, as well as HTML and JavaScript snippets.