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IAI POS Omnichannel 5.1 now supports loyalty cards

Together with IAI POS 5.1, we continue our development towards more efficient support for offline sales combined with online sales (omnichannel). The newest version includes a more convenient and intuitive support for loyalty cards, which enables combining information about online and offline sales on the customer account, advanced customer data validation, more comprehensive interface in customer search process, as well as creating customer accounts.

Loyalty card does not only enable fast customer identification by the number, but also using it both in brick-and-mortar and online stores. After installing the latest IAI POS 5.1 version, you will be able to create customer loyalty cards conveniently and effectively, even while handling orders at a given point-of-sale.

A mechanism of assigning customers to orders has also been facilitated – it reminds about crucial steps during the sales process what makes finalizing orders easier.

We combine customer shopping in online and brick-and-mortar stores

Combining information about online and offline shopping on customer accounts in online stores is now possible thanks to assigning a customer with an individual loyalty card, while handling orders in a point-of-sale.

A cashier is able to assign a card number both to a person already present in the online store database but also to a customer placing the first order. As a result, a number generated by a cashier, which can be obtained by a customer as a printed card or an e-mail/SMS notification, from now on will be the ID of his account.

More information about loyalty cards and assigning them to customers can be found here: Loyalty cards support.

Other changes in this version

  • More intuitive way of assigning customers to a processed order

While introducing changes, in some places we have changed IAI POS Cashier interface, thanks to which assigning customers is more intuitive and messages on the screen are presented in the form of guidelines e.g. what you should do now or what you should ask a customer about – they make sales processes easier, reminding about the main steps while handling orders.

  • We have developed obligatory fields set up for customer data edit

Apart from fields which are obligatory, below you can find other options enabled in the IdoSell Shop administration panel (MODERATION / Shop behaviour management / Customer registration and data edit forms) while customer adding/edit:

Thus, it is reflected in the customer data edit in IAI POS Cashier, where red stars appear near obligatory fields. If some field is not filled, the program will mark it with a red frame:

  • Ask a customer about the VAT invoice

Set a new option Display a prompt asking whether to add a VAT invoice after printing a fiscal receipt, which can be found in IAI POS Setup, in Point of sale / Customer identification, to ask a customer about the VAT invoice after issuing a receipt:

If a customer would like to receive a VAT invoice, you can issue it immediately, without the need to search for a receipt:

New versions, new functionalities

Soon IAI POS will support customer discounts defined in the IdoSell Shop administration panel. Thus, after showing a loyalty card, a discount will be taken into consideration in IAI POS Cashier. More information soon – follow our blog!