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Triggered messages - one of the best marketing tools now available in the on-line stores

Triggered messages (e-mail or SMS) are an addition very important for all on-line stores. There are multiple uses of this tool and allow to e.g. acquire feedback, award active clients or send periodic guidebooks. In other system, it usually requires using complicated (in terms of integration and use) external systems. In the you just pay a flat monthly fee of £9,75/11,25€ for using the E-mail Marketing Pro service.

Triggered messages are so advanced marketing technique, that it requires a few words of introduction. Unlike newsletters, triggered messages are not sent on indicated day to all of your customers (or group of them), but are sent in indicated time in relation to planned event for every customer individually, so they are particularly helpful and valuable, when you want to inform customer about special discounts, like birthday-one, or - after signing up to newsletter - send him special guidebooks. Every customer will be sent a dedicated message e.g. two days before one's birthday or once a week. Our favorite message type is one informing about abandoned basket, because it often increases conversion rate for orders acquired by means of e.g. price comparers.

The system allows to detect lack of client activity or that one abandoned basket contents. All functionalities were created especially for on-line stores. This scope of service cannot be handled by ordinary newsletter, and performing it manually could be really tiresome or even impossible. This was one of the main reasons, that triggered messages were such rarely used. It now changes. Utilize this great tool and gain advantage over your competition. Tie you customer to your store.

On-line store can now create marketing campaigns (series of messages) in relation to indicated event. Every message can be targeted to separate group of customers. Event can be related to filters, allowing to evoke special feelings in your clients and persuade him to perform action you want.

To inspire you to create your own ways to reach your customers, we created some ready-to-use templates, that are available in your administration panel. They can be found in MARKETING \ Triggered e-mails and SMS. We are sure, that sample templates can show you, how useful this tool can be (without giant manuals) and how easily you can create your own templates (and treating those as good starting point) or order professional layouts in our graphics department.

More information can be found on following webpages:

Triggered messages are a key element of E-mail marketing Pro module. By using it, you gain access to effectiveness stats, i.e. open rate, click rate. Triggered SMS do not require using E-mail marketing Pro.