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IAI POS 3.0 - now with support for personal collections in stationary stores

Personal collections is an alternative to home delivery, when selling on-line. Customer orders a product and - when it's ready for collection - get it from one of your stores. So the personal collection not disrupt normal store operation (and servicing all other current customers), this process need to be handled as standard cash sales. We answer this problem with our ultra-modern cash position application - third generation IAI POS. In addition to printing receipts and invoices it also allows to handle personal collection in the same place.

Application was created especially to facilitate a day-to-day work, so your cashiers only need to have a 5 minutes training. One doesn't even have to leave the POS application. If a customer comes to a store, one just need to say, that one came to collect ordered products. Cashier needs to choose "Personal collections" option from the menu to display the complete list of orders to be collected. If he notices the client's order, he can hand it over to him. Customer cannot even lie about paying for order, because cashier is always informed about the order status. If order hasn't been yet paid, cashier can accept payment, that are included [/pr-press-release.phtml?id=1235324177 in cash register report].

Technical details

IAI POS 3.0 searches for orders with "Ready for collection" status and "Personal collection" delivery method. If order is fully paid (advance payment), cashier only has to search for such order, check products and verify customer personal details. If everything is in order, one can hand over such order and set the status to "Collected". If no sales document has been issued to order, POS will ask, whether issue one. Information on sales documents are always transferred between the panel and the IAI POS, so it is not possible to issue two documents to the same order.

If order is charged on delivery, IAI POS will ask for payment. The same applies to advances - if order is not fully paid, POS will ask for an additional payment. Such cash payments are always assigned to order in the panel so full payments history can be traced.