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New module to handle orders, that were returned, not collected by customers

Order not collected by customers are problematic not only in financial dimensions, but also in organizational. Such orders need to be sent with new shipping documents, you need to register payments once again, issue new sales documents etc. If such returning order needn't to be sent again, you need to accept products to stock and apply these changes in multiple places. From today organization matters are not problematic anymore. New module allows to perform these scenarios with 2 clicks. The takes care of the rest.

After-sales service module is visible in order view. Just click on "after-sales service" and you will be able to generate a properly marked return ("Order didn't reach the customer"). When it comes to return-handling, just assign it and try to contact the customer to learn, why one didn't collect the order and if one wishes to send it again. Sometimes the time needed to contact such customers can be a few days. Return generation allows all interested parties to monitor the order status. You can also add notes about contact attempts.

If store staff contacts the customer successfully, who asks for resending, "Order resent" status can be set. In this case:

  • New order will be generated, for which you can generate e.g. courier documents.
  • Status of this new order will be set to "in progress" and it will be a copy of the one that was not collected. It can be also handled normally, so you can e.g. add new product, that the customer wishes to purchase, or subtract the one, that one doesn't want.
  • Payments from the old order will be registered automatically to the new one. Customer balance will be used for this purpose. Thanks to this, the system will remember, what payment methods were used by the customer. For example, if the customer chose cash-on-delivery, the system will await those funds.

When handling such a return, contact with customer may be impossible or the customer could just change one's mind. In such case, just set the "Abort the order resending" status. Please notice, that both of these statuses will be visible after setting the "Order didn't reach the customer" to "no" (consignment returned).

New module will surely facilitate your work, automatizing typical actions, that often lead to mistakes. We hope, that it will be a great Christmas gift for you, so you can handle your orders and returns quicker than usually.