Klarna in IdoSell Shop

Quick, safe and easy Klarna money transfers integrated with IdoSell Shop.

Klarna(previously SOFORT)

Klarna is a quick, safe, and easy to use system of making direct money transfers provided by Payment Network AG. With Klarna users buying on-line are able to send direct money transfer to sellers (one of more than 35000 who are now using the system) bank account. It is possible to receive payments in the following currencies: EUR, CHF, GBP and PLN.

Buyer registration in Klarna, adding order data or feeding virtual account are not necessary. The Klarna system works using an on-line bank account, own login data and verification code. The seller receives a real-time confirmation after transaction conclusion. This way product and digital goods will be immediately shipped, and the buyer will receive ordered products faster.

Advantages for customers:

faster delivery times
safe payment system thoroughly checked by TÜV
easy checkout – all you need is an on-line bank account

Advantages for sellers:

secure deposits
direct money transfers
low transaction costs thanks to automatic payment control processes
wide range of customers
low fees

Learn how to set up an account in Klarna and enable payments.