Integration of IdoSell shops with DHL Parcel courier services

IdoSell and DHL Parcel Poland have become technology partners. Thanks to the partnership agreement, the integration of our systems has been introduced to a higher level. Our customers can be sure of the quality of services offered by our systems. The contract is permanent, so IdoSell will always be up to date with the changes planned by our partner, and the solution itself is fully certified by DHL.

Why is it worth choosing integration with DHL?

  • we provide attractive prices that we negotiated directly with DHL,
  • DHL works hand in hand with you, for you to get a customer satisfied with the speed of delivery and the convenience of the place and time of pickup,
  • if you order a DHL delivery in Poland, your customer may receive the order on the first day after posting.
  • DHL offers additional services (included) that improve the quality of customer service,
  • if you decide to develop your business in Europe, you can easily integrate the system, and DHL will serve customers from abroad as quickly as possible,
  • the DHL brand, which is known in Poland and around the world, will help build trust in your store,
  • you can easily integrate the IdoSell system with the DHL dispatch system, thanks to which you save time by automating the distribution process,
  • DHL support department is at your disposal.

Shipping from Poland within the country and to EU countries

DHL supplies various types of shipments:
non-standard shipments.

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Shipping in Poland

  • parcels weighing up to 31.5 kg and dimensions up to 120x60x60 cm (length x width x height), with the next day delivery,
  • heavier shipments (from 31.5 kg to 2500 kg), including pallets, to most cities in Poland also on the next business day.

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Shipping from Poland to EU countries

DHL Parcel handles international road shipments to 28 EU countries and returns from 25 EU countries for business clients.

DHL PARCEL CONNECT - road parcels to Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and Slovakia with the estimated delivery time of 2-3 days;
- one-piece shipments with maximum weight up to 31.5 kg (maximum dimensions of standard package 120 x 60 x 60 cm)

DHL PARCEL INTERNATIONAL - to other EU countries with estimated delivery time of 3-7 days;
- one-piece shipments with a maximum weight of up to 30 kg (maximum dimensions of a standard shipment 100 x 50 x 50 cm)

DHL PARCEL RETURN INTERNATIONAL - the ideal service for the seller, if their client wants to return products from one of the 25 countries of the European Union;
- one-piece shipments with a maximum weight of up to 30 kg (maximum dimensions of a standard shipment 100 x 50 x 50 cm)

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As part of international DHL Parcel services, DHL delivers parcels to all European Union countries.

To take advantage of special conditions, you just need to sign a contract with DHL.

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Shipments from Germany by DHL Easylog

International sales can be developed by sending parcels directly from Germany. In IdoSell you can generate a CSV file for domestic services (inside Germany) as well as international ones, and then import it to DHL Easylog and generate labels.

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