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PayPal is one the most recognisable payment platforms. Safe and easy to use payment system is available for customers and partners.
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Special offer for new PayPal users

Activate PayPal and benefit from a reduced fee of 1.45% + 1.35 PLN per transaction. The offer applies to all Polish domestic transactions only from the 28th Feb 2022 until the 27th Feb 2023.

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Enable the integration and…

PayPal currency Support payment in multiple currencies
PayPal cards Pay with several types of payment cards
PayPal cards Use available local payment methods

'PayPal’s customers convert 2.8x more when shopping with merchants who accept PayPal when viewed across the entire customer experience. Further, starting at the point of purchase, PayPal converts 28% higher at checkout*, when compared to other payment methods.'

* PayPal research (2021)

What makes PayPal different?

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PayPal provides 24/7 fraud detection and monitoring

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PayPal does not share full financial information with merchants

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