Royal Mail Despatch Manager Online integration

Despatch Manager Online (DMO) is an online system for shipment automation, based on .csv file exchange, offered by Royal Mail. Thanks to this integration, you can automatically generate shipments with labels and import them to IdoSell.

Integration benefits

  • Integration is free of charge and available in all IdoSell panels
  • All shipments ready for delivery can be exported as a single .csv file (no matter the chosen Royal Mail service class),
  • Full automation of shipment label printing,
  • Parcel numbers can be imported into IdoSell in bulk,
  • Domestic and international shipping.

What types of parcels can I ship using Royal Mail DMO?

The IdoSell DMO integration lets you ship domestic parcels (1st Class / 24, 2nd Class / 48 and Special Delivery Guaranteed™) as well as international parcels (with various delivery priorities, destinations and additional services). Check out the FAQ for more information.

How can I enable the integration?

  • [/uk/shop/integrations/shipping/royal-mail/faq.phtml#1 Configure access to the Royal Mail DMO online tool],
  • [/uk/shop/integrations/shipping/royal-mail/faq.phtml#2 Verify the system requirements],
  • Configure the DMO tool,
  • [/uk/shop/integrations/shipping/royal-mail/faq.phtml#3 Enable the Royal Mail delivery option for your customers].

Start using Despatch Manager Online today!