Keep up with the trends. Sell more with Klarna

Keep up with the trends. Sell more with Klarna

Keep up with the trends. Sell more and more securely with deferred payments from Klarna

Act and think globally. Offer your customers the number one payment service in the world. Klarna has 17+ markets and over 90 mln consumers.

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Enable payments loved by the consumers around the world

Customers of your online store will benefit from the possibility to
'Pay in 30 days', while you receive the full amount of their order upfront.

See how the IdoSell integration with Klarna works


At the payment summary, the customer selects the 'Pay in 30 days' option


Once the order is sent to the customer, Klarna will pay you the full amount upfront


The customer receives the products and Klarna collects the payment within 30 days

Klarna increases customer trust. Research confirms that:


Poles have more trust in sellers who offer deferred payment option


of Polish consumers believe that they are more likely to repeat purchases in a store which has a 'Pay in 30 days' option


Respondents feel more comfortable shopping in a store that offers a deferred payment option

Easy and quick integration

IdoSell will handle the technical implementation for you. It only takes a few seconds to enable Klarna payments.

No financial risk

Klarna takes over the full credit or potential fraud risk from both sellers and buyers

An even faster path to purchase

Learn what a 'smoooth' checkout is with Klarna. Young and aware e-customers will especially appreciate it.

Stand out and offer even more

Stand out from the competition. Shoppers appreciate the possibility to choose the payment for their purchases.

Shopping comfort the way the biggest players do it

Be like the biggest global brands. Give your customers the best shopping experience

Go cross-border with Klarna and IdoSell

Your store will also serve foreign customers. Go cross-border with Klarna and IdoSell.

Don't wait any longer. Enable Klarna in your store.

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