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According to a survey conducted by the Mobile Institute, 38% of social media users declare that they have already used the buy button, and for 61% this is a useful or very useful feature. This clearly shows that Internet users want to be able to buy via social media. The simplified shopping process (the customer bypasses the registration and setting up of the account), translates into an even greater tendency to shop and brand loyalty. At IdoSell we offer you many tools that you can use to increase your sales.


On February 12th 2020, IdoSell officially became a Facebook partner, confirmed by the title of Facebook Marketing Partner. In which aspects does IdoSell stand out from the competition as the official partner of Facebook?

  • It provides measurable results for its clients regardless of the scale of their activity.
  • It saves customers' time by providing support and the latest solutions, thanks to which the seller of online store can deal with other challenges.
  • IdoSell has access to best knowledge and uses that to provide as fast as possible support for new tools and features for ecommerce businesses.
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Extend the possibilities of your store with add-ons that will increase the traffic in your online store even more. Find out more informations about add-ons that you can use within the IdoSell

Any online store that has a presence on Social Media has the opportunity to engage their fans and customers in a discussion about their store or products. Traffic Trends will help you establish a presence in Social Media and encourage conversation among your fans, who may turn into your potential customers.

It's a short tracking code, which installation is one of the key functionalities for your business. Pixel helps you monitor the activity of your customers in your store, and additionally allows you to reach a more specific group of recipients with your Facebook ads - for example, those who abandoned the shopping cart or visited your store within the last week, month or quarter. This means that not only do you gain knowledge about shoppers' behavior that you can use for different advertising campaigns, but you also reach people who are potentially interested in your goods more easily. And if new users visit your store but don't complete a purchase, you'll be able to encourage them to visit your site again with the help of advertising. Installation of Pixel is very simple, and the action is effective, so if you are planning marketing campaigns on Facebook, it is worth starting with it.

These are otherwise known as product feeds, which allow you to create dynamic ads. Using the Pixel, the catalogs can display to the users those products that they have already viewed in your store, but for some reason did not make a purchase. This is why it's a good tool for recovering abandoned shopping carts. Additionally, you save time on ad creation because you create the campaign only once and the products change dynamically depending on the current interest of your potential audience. And what if your store has a large assortment? You can easily segregate it into catalogs and reach individual target groups with much greater accuracy. It is only worth remembering to update the product catalog frequently, because it is there that the data about your goods used by the algorithms is stored.

Do you care about the new sales channel, promotion? Integrate your online store with Facebook social network.

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