Frequently asked questions about printed documents templates

How to add own document template?

Go to MODERATION / Printed documents, where you can perform such operation. We recommend to download the default template first to familiarize yourself with the way, data should be entered into documents templates. Then you should try to modify this document with use of variables available in the chart to the right. You can find there basic variables and so-called special zones, that allow - for example - to print lists of products. After creating template, click on Browse... in Adding template section, choose file created by you (or the modified-one), name it and click on Add template.
Your template is ready to use. You can preview it with example data to check if everything is O.K. and all variables are entered correctly.

What parameters can be defined in sales documents?

Sales documents parameters edition can be found in ADMINISTRATION / Prints configuration / Sales documents print settings. There you can edit and set:

  • language of printed documents - different for each of them,
  • numeration and prefixes for sales documents,
  • which columns should be displayed in sales documents,
  • way in which data should be grouped on invoices,
  • possibility of adding notes to order on sales confirmation document,
  • logo, that should be added to invoice,
  • additional texts on sales documents.