Frequently asked questions about Dotpay

If you have any additional questions or something is unclear to you please see below the section of frequently asked questions.

How to register PayPal payments via Dotpay ?

Registering Paypal payments received via Dotpay can be easily done. First you need to set up an account at PayPal, next verify it and activate PayPay in the Dotpay administrative panel. Learn how to integrate PayPal step-by-step.

How do I enable cash back for Dotpay?

Cash backs via Dotpay is available for all payments made after June 2016. They can be initiated on the order details page in the administration panel, for orders that are being processed. For orders that are complete (already sent), funds can be returned using the returns module. In both cases, refunds can be approved on the return details page in the administration panel, in the refunds section.

In order to make use of cash backs via Dotpay, you must:

  • have a customer account in the new system. It can be identified by the customer ID number, which for new accounts is at least 6 digits long. If you have a 5 digit customer ID, contact Dotpay in order to migrate to the new system.
  • enabling URLC notifications for returns in Dotpay (disabled by default). You can ask for them to be enabled by contacting the dotpay client supoprt

Don't forget to fill in the Login and Password in the Dotpay payment system configuration screen.

How quickly will my customer receive funds processed with Dotpay cash back?

Requests for Dotpay cash backs processed in the IdoSell administration panel are sent to Dotpay in real time, where they await handling by the target payment processor. It usually takes 1 working day for a cash back to be processed and funds to be made available to the customer.