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IdoSell integration with Geizhals and Guenstiger. Integration of new price comparison services for Germany and Austria

Strengthen your position in the German and Austrian markets. Reach millions of new customers with the popular price comparison services. Include integrations with, and These are some of the most visited sites of their kind in the German-speaking region of Europe.

Germany is so far the most popular cross-border destination for IdoSell shops. This huge market (66 million online shoppers) can be tried to conquer in many ways. Entering Amazon or another local marketplace is often the first step that has allowed many sellers to start selling across the western border.

However, the marketplace is not always the best option to start selling. Especially if you have a shop that produces unique products and you want to invest in your own brand. What next? Building your own brand and directing customers directly to your online shop.

Your own shop will allow you to shape your own pricing policy and build a loyal customer base. It is worth remembering that each of the European markets has its own specific conditions and there is no single rule to gain traffic.

In Germany, price comparison sites are particularly popular. Their customers are smart shoppers. They make conscious choices, are familiar with online shopping, read reviews and product tests, do not like to overpay and check offers carefully before buying.

In response to the needs of German consumers, we are expanding our support in this area and adding further strong players to the and comparison sites - and What's more - offers in German can now also be exported to Austria's most popular comparison site,'.

- Despite the fact that Austria is a smaller market than Germany, e-commerce profits are not necessarily smaller. We have many customers who have shops in both countries and the Austrian ones often bring them higher turnover, higher conversion and a more favourable cost-turnover ratio. - says Piotr Rogaluk, Geizhals representative. - This is partly due to the fact that in Austria we have mainly organic traffic, a position of a definite leader and no competition. It can be said that every shop promoted by us on is doomed to success. This is a great opportunity for shops which already offer their products in German.

Enable Geizhals integration

As the only foreign price comparison engine, Geizhals offers contact with a customer service team in Polish and assistance with registration or planning campaigns to increase visibility in search results.

It attracts over 3.3 million unique visitors every month. The most popular category is electronics, among Geizhals visitors 67,2 percent are men.

Enable integration with Guenstiger

The Guenstiger service, popular among German shoppers, is used by an average of 200,000 people every day. A source of quality traffic for your shop, as these are users in the buying process, actively looking for reviews and product tests, which translates into high conversions.

Shops on the IdoSell platform can comprehensively serve customers from the German-speaking region. You can easily connect the delivery methods preferred there (integrations with couriers DPD, DHL) or payments (PayPal - soon also with Express Checkout function, Klarna, Stripe).

Ready-made translations of the shop template, templates for regulations and privacy policy as well as the function of active consent to the cookie policy will make the shop look credible and inspire trust of foreign customers. Importantly, OSS VAT on sales to Germany and Austria will be calculated automatically.

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