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We have extended the Storefront API. Use the new GraphQL gateways in the purchase process

We have extended the Storefront API with Login, Courier Services, Pick-up Points, Wrappers and Product gateways. Each of these gateways is a reflection of the previous AJAX gateways, which were used, among others, in the shopping process. We have also taken care of the novelties, e.g. the possibility of logging in with an e-mail address. Check out what has changed and why it is important for your shop.

New GraphQL gateways

We are successively releasing more GraphQL gateways, which are a much faster and more efficient solution compared to the traditional REST API structure. In the past weeks, our Storefront API has been enhanced with five new gateways:

  • Login gateway - supports the customer login form. Unlike the existing AJAX gateway, it supports login using an email address.
  • Courier Services gateway - returns courier services for a given courier, their price and possible delivery dates.
  • Pick-up Points gateway - retrieves a list of available pick-up points that are serviced by the specified courier, including address and geographical coordinates and opening hours.
  • Wrappers gateway - returns product wrappers, i.e. all goods of type Wrapper, along with their prices, descriptions and icons.
  • Product gateway - returns detailed product information such as e.g. price, sizes, parameters, average ratings, etc.

Further plans for Storefront API development

In the current year we have planned several projects for the development of the Storefront API. In the next few weeks we will start working on additional gateways: Multiversions, Bundle and Configurators. They will return, in turn, information about goods grouped based on multiple differentiating parameters (so-called multiversions), information about bundles and collections, and products with a configurator, which are based on dynamic price calculation.

How to benefit from the news

Over the coming weeks we will be successively implementing the new GraphQL gateways in STANDARD templates. This will make shops that use STANDARD masks run even faster.

However, if you have your own development team, you can already take advantage of the latest GraphQL gateways in your shop's mask. We encourage you to take a look at the latest version of the Storefront API documentation.

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