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HTML and JavaScript snippets and CPA programs can now be grouped into campaigns which makes their exporting and importing easier

In order to streamline the management of integrated snippets and CPA programs, we have enabled them to be grouped into campaigns, which means enabling multiple scripts can now be done with a single click. Now, not only single scripts but entire campaigns can be imported and exported which makes sharing them between multiple sites and shops much easier.

'''Shops often contain not only single scripts but script groups which rely on each other and appear in different sections of the site in order to enable sophisticated integrations. With that in mind:

  1. HTML and JavaScript snippets can now be grouped together into campaigns
  2. Both campaigns and single snippets can be exported/imported with the use of ICF files

Snippet campaigns can contain multiple scripts which appear on various sites. Because the scripts are grouped together, they can be enabled and disabled with a single click, at the campaign level.

Single scripts could be exported and imported already, today we enable exporting and importing of entire campaigns, which means launching a new mechanism, containing multiple scripts on multiple sites now boils down to importing a single file and enabling a campaign.

This is great news for any integrations requiring custom front end logic in our shops, a couple examples:

  • developers can prepare scripts in their own environments, configure them into campaigns and distribute them for installation in other shops as single ICF files. Target shops will need only to import the file and launch the campaign to enable the custom functionality on their sites.
  • owners of multiple shops can easily move custom logic between their shops based on campaigns exported to ICF files. Moving such campaigns between different shop panels takes minutes

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