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eBay variation listings are now available - list many product sizes on one listing

eBay variation listings enable lisitng many product variations on one listing. From now on, in IdoSell Shop you can use this mechanism and issue listings in various sizes, as well as handle listing orders in the shop panel. What is more, the process of sending lisitngs to eBay and downloading listings takes place automatically, based on sizes and product variations which are currently available in your online store.

Variation listings solve the problem of lisitng all product variations on separate listings and having to pay for each listing. IdoSell Shop listing integration module allows you to use advantages of such listings and to list multiple sizes of one product at the same time. While downloading products from marketplaces, a right size will be automatically added to the order in the administration panel, which will allow for full support of variation lisitngs in the IdoSell Shop panel.

In its present form, the module issues and supports eBay listings only. In this service a product can have multiple variations. Variations can include colors, styles, sizes, etc. In the IdoSell Shop panel it is possible to use this mechanism to put multiple sizes up for listings. A lisiting will display a box including the sizes which have been defined in the product card as additional parameters for categories in a marketplace. Along with the order, an information about the ordered size will be downloaded to the panel and on the basis of the settings on product card (in additional parameters for eBay categories), the same size that was ordered on the lisiting will appear in the order.

It means that if a given size is not available at the time of listing a product, you will not be able to select it from the list of available sizes. If you accept delivery of sizes which were not available at the time of issuing a listing, they will not be added to an ongoing listing automatically. They can appear on them by renewal or re-issuing a lisitng.

Benefits of variation lisitngs:

  • Reducing costs - you do not have to pay for lisitng each size
  • Reducing service time - issuing and handling one listing is much faster in comparison to the situation of having as many listings as sizes.
  • Increasing visibility of the offer - variation listings are on higher positions in eBay search according to the closest matches.
  • Product presentations - buyer immediately sees all available sizes, without the need to browse other auctions

To use variation listings including many sizes, you do not need to run any option in eBay. They are automatically available in categories where a marketplace has made the possibility to issue variation listings available.

For more information about the IdoSell Shop integration module with marketplaces, visit Online store integration with Allegro and eBay and Variation listings. See also Frequently asked questions about handling eBay auctions.