Accepting discount cards and codes in brick-and-mortar stores seamlessly thanks to IdoSell omnichannel

Customers who want to make use of their discount cards or codes received online while visiting your traditional stores, need simply to present them to the cashier. The code or card can be verified by your staff on the fly, giving your customers a seamless shopping experience.

This lets you reward your loyal customers with discount codes and loyalty cards with the use of IAI POS.

A huge advantage of IdoSell omnichannel is the fact that both discount codes and cards (as well as individual individual rebates) can be accessed by your customers in multiple channels - both traditionally IAI POS and online (in your online store).

Discount campaigns and discount cards can be easily configured and made available to your customers from within the IdoSell administration panel.

Learn more about using discount codes and cards at your point of sale terminals