IdoSell POS - subscriptions and prices

We offer an attractive IdoSell POS license system which enables using the system in any number of cashier stations and in any number of shops within one low, yearly fee. Thus, if you run several brick-and-mortar stores and have a few point of sale terminals, it means that you will have to buy only one full IdoSell POS license which you can freely use in all terminals or only in the chosen ones. You will save money and you will not have to remember about purchasing another license if you open a new shop. IdoSell POS license also enables full data synchronization with the IdoSell administration panel.


First 30 days free
Each consecutive moth of subscription $48 net

The license includes support and free updates when a subscription is active.

Method of IdoSell POS cost calculation

Launching IdoSell POS triggers the activation of one subscription for 30 free days (for the first IA POS Server instance). If you do not resign from the subscription within 30 days we will start charging you with the monthly cost of the subscription. If you do not deactivate the subscription it will continue generating additional costs until it is deactivated. Only one installation of POS Server can be performed per one warehouse in the Administration Panel. The subscription also blocks the possibility of using the same application on different devices without launching another subscription.

After the application is connected with a subscription with no right to another test period, the fee for subscription is charged automatically, proportionally till the end of an ongoing month.

You can quit subscription any time you want

You can add another subscription or quit using the ongoing one any time. License cost will be calculated proportionally until the end of the month, in which you decided to resign. From the following month we will not charge you with the subscription unless you add it again and start using the application again.

You can manage your subscriptions in the Administration Panel, under “SUPPORTING APPLICATIONS / IdoSell POS”

For more information about prices for IdoSell POS subscription, see the detailed IdoSell price list.

Test IdoSell POS for 30 days for free

If you want to test IdoSell POS just download it from the Administration Panel under “SUPPORTING APPLICATIONS / IdoSell POS” and connect it with your panel.

First 30 days of using IdoSell POS is the fully functional test version allowing you to retrieve and sell unlimited number of products. Thanks to this option you can verify the performance of the application. You can check, if the program is compatible with your devices and, if it is not, you will be able to inform us about it. We will do our best to tailor the program to your needs.

If you already have an active license key, working according to the old way of licensing, after it is finished you will be covered with the free test period. It means that if you have used the license for a year and your key has expired you are granted with the right to use the free 30-day test period.

Test version is free for 30 days from the first connection with the application with the Administration Panel. The subscription includes support and free updates.