IdoSell POS cash drawer in brick-and-mortar stores

Use all the possibilities of online and offline connection. IdoSell POS enables using a cash drawer - thanks to such functionality we created an even more complex environment for efficient customer service in brick-and-mortar stores in which the cash drawer constitutes a crucial element.

IdoSell POS enables using a cash drawer in your brick-and-mortar store. The cash drawer is supported by IAI Printer (more information soon) – the application is responsible for sending a signal opening the drawer to a printer. Thus, the cash drawer can be used not only on special industrial computers but on every PC (for example, with USB port) to which a printer is plugged in.

Currently, the cash drawer is supported for printers with Novitus, POSNET and Innova protocoles.

The drawer can be opened in three cases:

1. automatically while printing a receipt;
2. on demand in case of cash payment/payout;
3. on demand at any given moment thanks to a new icon in a lower IdoSell POS bar.

IdoSell POS also takes care of safety. In case of points b and c, opening the drawer has to be authorized by a cashier with a password. That is why, you can be sure that a cash registry will not be opended by an unauthorized person.