The possibility of using point of sale displays

Point of sale systems used by IdoSell POS include displays which you can use to, for example, display prices and names of purchased products added to client's receipt. That is why, your client will have an even greater shopping experience.

One of the most crucial elements that need to be taken care of in your online and offline shop is to ensure a positive shopping experience. Make sure that your client feels comfortable in your brick-and-mortar store and that on every step of the shopping process all the necessary information is provided. To do this, you can simply use a point of sale display by which your client can once again see names and prices of purchased products added to a receipt.

Point of sale displays can be efficiently used to thank your clients for shopping or even to invite them to your online shop. Thus, you have the possibility to present your online shop, as it can be more convenient for a given client.

You can freely add given contents to the display, as they are fully configured and managed through IdoSell POS. Please bear in mind that displays which we programmed have 2x20 sign dimensions.

Learn how to configure IdoSell POS display.