Discount codes

Discount codes constitute one of the most popular ways of rewarding your customers with discounts. Discount codes give the impression of exclusiveness – to use them, a customer has to know a secret sequence of characters which are the pass to lower prices or other special privileges. IdoSell online shops provide an advanced system of creating discount code campaigns, setting various discount types and configuring sophisticated discount rules.

Discount code support while shopping

A good online store system should support both individual customer discounts, as well as discounts resulting from a code activation. As a customer, if you enter an „XYZ” discount code giving you a 10% discount for products manufactured by ABC, then while browsing a list of products, you want to see the final price, including the discount, for all related products.

In this matter, IdoSell outclasses other ecommerce systems, including the most expensive ones. We provide functionality that returns information about the final price in real time, while browsing products.
The ability to enter a discount code at the beginning of the shopping process can encourage customers to buy more – thus, it is not just a mere, surprising reward for a customer which does not give you any business benefits but only lowers your income.

Discount code control

A discount code is a pass to a lower price, which often lowers the order value quite significantly, for example by lowering all product prices by 20%. Such discount codes are unfortunately frequently used in a wrong way. Wrong usage of such discount codes can deprive you of profits, while not using them at all will make it impossible to reach new customers or attract existing ones back to your shop. Above mentioned problems with using discount codes incorrectly can often result from the fact that typical online store solutions have very simple discount code systems, as well as from lack of knowledge by the seller. Shop owners often assume that a typical online store customer does not know a discount code, only authorized ones. It is a common mistake, as with the advent of social media and services dedicated to exchanging discount codes, one has to assume that the codes are available to all customers, even if they are intended to be secret.

This is why the IdoSell discount code system includes advanced processes of controlling the use and the assignment of codes. While creating a discount campaign, where you introduce given codes, a set of restrictions is determined. Those restrictions include:

  • Only one product series, a few producers or only particular products.
  • Time the campaign is active for, e.g. how many days from a code being created (sent with a text message or via a marketing automation module )
  • Limits on the number of code use e.g. once anytime or once per customer.
  • Limits to specific customer groups, e.g. excluding wholesalers.
  • Separating discounts between products and shipping (e.g. it can offer free shipping, not free products)
  • Limits on the number of discounts used simultaneously, e.g. a discount code will not be added to a different code, or a permanent discount.
  • Specific requirements concerning the content of the basket (e.g. minimal order value)
  • Taking minimal product prices into account, so that nothing can be sold below that price. It is important that the online store interface correctly communicates with the customer.

Learn more about the discount code system

Dedicated field to enter a discount code in the basket

A popular mistake is to place a field for discount codes in the basket. If a customer adds products to the basket, ideally you would like them to simply complete the order. However, if they see a discount code field, they may start searching through discount code-sharing services or googling phrases like „discount codes YOURSTORE'SNAME”. Finding such codes enables them to lower the price, even though they may have initially intended to complete the order at the normal price.

Read our guidebook about using discount codes in the basket

Individual discount codes in every e-mail and text message

The ability to place discount codes in e-mail and text messages is a powerful marketing tool, which is perfect for every discount campaign. Our system can create a separate discount code for each message sent one-time or automatically through e.g. the marketing automation module. It works automatically, and if you set a time limit, it creates a tool for creating the impression of exclusiveness, with time-limited discounts (e.g. 'to be used within 7 days from receiving the one-off code').

Typical ideas used by customers:

  • One-time discount for signing up for a newsletter.
  • A discount for the next order in case of receiving a complaint.
  • Free shipping for customers spotting an advertisement in a printed magazine.