IdoSell POS benefits

What benefits does IdoSell POS bring?

  • The possibility of conducting sales in online and brick-and-mortar stores on IdoSell platform – you save time and money. Nowadays, many companies use various systems to manage online and traditional sales. It triggers many problems and leads to unnecessary complications. The only solution is to integrate systems designed for both types of sale. IdoSell POS enables comfortable handling of brick-and-mortar sale based on IdoSell shop stock management.

Practical example:
Let's assume that apart from IdoSell online shop selling cosmetics, you conduct sales in a medium-sized brick-and-mortar store in which you averagely sell 300-400 products a day. Let's also assume that you sell about 50 products daily in your online shop. Of course you would like to avoid the situation when, by mistake, in a brick-and-mortar store you sell a product which has already been ordered in your online store. You also wouldn't like to face a problem when your online store offers products which have already been sold out in a brick-and-mortar store. If both types of your stores are not integrated or are managed by one system, you have to manually synchronize stock levels of both shops. In case of a traditional sale which involves selling about 300-400 products and an online shop selling about 50 items, you will probably need to hire an employee who can focus only on synchronizing the levels. Remember that filling another job position in your company will cost you around £2063 net monthly.

IdoSell POS enables comfortable sale in a brick-and-mortar store with a full integration with online shop stock management. Both the Internet transactions and traditional sale are automatically reflected in stock levels. It enables saving an estimated sum of £24756 yearly, only in salaries. In case of a greater sale, the savings are even bigger.

  • Reliability and comfort – intuitive and comfortable interface will definitely have a positive impact on quality of work of your employees, as well as their contentment.

Practical example:
Using a regular cash register with a barcode reader can cause many difficulties in various situations. For example, a ripped up or an illegible barcode makes selling a product impossible. What is more, a damaged key in a cash register causes a situation in which you are unable to conduct sales until the problem is fixed.

IdoSell POS can offer you various facilitations and solutions which make it reliable and comfortable. Attractive design and intuitive menu makes using it a pure pleasure. If a barcode is illegible or ripped up, you can still sell a product by searching it in the system by name or a producer and a graphic view can ensure you that you are looking for the right item. If the keyboard is damaged, an on-screen keyboard is at your disposal. You do not have to wait for the repair – you can simply buy a new keyboard for a couple of pounds. If you use a special touch point of sale terminal, using POS is even more comfortable. In case of a damage of a touch screen, you can continue a selling process within a couple of minutes by plugging in a keyboard and a mouse. IdoSell POS is prepared for every possibility.

  • Eliminating errors caused by so-called human factors – IdoSell POS automatically exchanges data with IdoSell administration panel.

Practical example:
Performing manually hundreds similar activities daily can be the source of many mistakes. The main problem involves incompatibility in actual stock levels visible online and the levels in an internal financial accounting software. In many cases it may lead to inability to handle a transaction what, in turn, may be a source of frustration for the clients and eventually lead to losing your clients' trust.

Exchanging data between POS and IdoSell administration panel is entirely automatic and does not require any extra activities. Stock levels are corrected and synchronized online. Full integration of IdoSell POS and IdoSell administration panel does not leave space for human errors.

  • Image - "fine feathers make fine birds" - a special touch point of sale terminal ensures the most comfortable use of POS. It is a modern device with an equally modern design – that is why, your shop will look even more professional and eye-catching. Such device can be bought for a couple hundred pounds. You can afford it due to cutting costs with IdoSell POS.